Sunday, September 28, 2008

brandy & co.

Ryan came by last night for his Senior Portraits, accompanied by his mother and brother, Eric (who celebrated his 18th birthday the day before; happy birthday, Eric!). Ryan was rocking the Prince Harry look and could not have been more adorable. Or a better sport. He posed. He vogued. And he and Eric picked up and moved my props without even being asked! Such gentlemen and a true tribute to their mama and how she rasied them! Poor Brandy (or was it poor Brandy's husband?) had washed her beautiful convertible for the shoot, and then I dragged her out to an old, dusty, dirt road. Did I mention the convertible was black? I so owe her a carwash, and I owe all three of them a huge THANK YOU for coming out and spending a few hours with me. I had so much fun, and I wish Ryan (and Eric) the greatest successes in the upcoming year. Ryan, I'll look for your soccer spread in Sports Illustrated; and, Eric, I'll look for your coverage in the same mag! Thanks again, guys, and enjoy your sneak peek!

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