Sunday, September 28, 2008

tracey & co.

This weekend ended with a non-Olan Mills session at the beautiful home of Tracey, Lamar and sweet baby Nolan. If ever there was a Gerber Baby incarnate, Nolan is it. Absolute perfection. Tracey, mind you, had almost every shot planned out ahead of time, with props and wardrobe changes within arm's reach (her "growth chart" is Nolan wearing Daddy's shirt and tie!). And Daddy Lamar (who hails from Ireland and was a pro at sharing his affections with both Nolan and Mr. Dog) could not have been more helpful in helping me make sure Nolan and Tracey were not posing. :) I could have spent all afternoon with this family, and I was seriously trying to figure out how I could drive off with both their killer foot bench and baby boy . . . I kid, I kid. But, seriously, if you spent a second with Nolan, you'd have fallen under his spell, too. Thank you, Tracey and Lamar, for inviting me in to your home, and please give a few wee kisses to your precious lad, from me, eh? And, for the record, I can't get that "Littlest Little" song out of my head!

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