Sunday, September 28, 2008

victoria & co.

Victoria and Chris are planning to wed this May, and this morning they met me for an especially fun Engagement Session. If you ask them if it was love at first sight, Chris is quick to inform you that it was for Victoria. And if you ask Victoria how they met, she'll quickly inform you that it was through mutual friends; but some one, at one point, threw out a phone number and then later changed his - or her - mind and decided to call her - or him - back . . . The story of how they met is quite endearing, but not as much as the couple who tells it. While I was snapping away, they were discussing Sadie and how they needed to plan for her holiday card. And how their niece, Camille (and one of their three niece-flowergirls), had picked out a lovely pink ballgown (complete with a sequinced bodice) for Victoria to wear on her special day. This couple was all about family (even those members in Cincinatti), and I walked away feeling like a part of theirs. Too cheesey? Ask Chris about all my Smooch Poses . . . he was such a sport and fulfilled every single one. Thanks, guys, and my sincerest congrats to you. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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