Sunday, September 7, 2008

kendra, kerri & co.

Leave it to 3 women to plan a photo shoot on the first game night of the Cowboys' season. Can someone say "fumble!". I can not begin to tell you how shocked my husband was that the other husbands would be present for our back to back photo shoots, and I can't tell you what MVP's Matt and Kevin were. Truly, beyond awesome about the whole thing. Of course, Kerri and Kendra looked fabulous-glam (and did such a good job coordinating outfits for everyone else!), and the kids were . . . well, the camera loved each and every one of them; but not as much as I did! Trenton, Macey, Cadence and Caroline, you can come pose for me anytime. Honestly, such cooperative little ones! Thank you to both families for joining me for a quick session, and special thanks to the husbands for being such SPORTS (and bless the good Lord above for Tivo!).

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