Saturday, September 20, 2008

lindsey & co.

Chloe, Chloe, Chloe. Such a sweet, sweet baby girl. This beautiful child was asleep in her lovely mama's arms when I arrived at their home this afternoon. And the little angel slept for an hour. An hour. As we moved her this way. And that way. Asleep. An hour. Lindsey, by the by, is an interior designer, so I was looking forward to this shoot for many, many months. I just knew her home would be the perfect background to showcase her "divine design", and it was! Of course, I have to mention Doting Daddy. At one point, when Miss Chloe was awake, Corey leaned in for some Father/Daughter shots, and Chloe was mesmerized; just stared into his eyes as he talked to her. Did I mention she's two weeks? Such a sweet moment. Such a sweet girl. And such an honor to capture this beautiful time in their lives. I truly appreciated their being open to so many of my ideas, and I must mention that Lindsey, I think, is actually more of a Sentimental Sally than I am. She has dutifully blogged just about every second of Chloe's life since she made her debut two weeks ago (and actually a few months leading up to her debut). I've enjoyed watching Chloe grow, through her eyes, and I hope she and Corey treasure their princess through mine. Congrats, you guys!

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