Sunday, November 30, 2008

terri & co.

While in Houston, over the holiday weekend, I found myself at the gorgeous home of Terri . . . older sister of one of my absolute best friends. Terri is expecting her third child (her first boy) in a few months, and she asked me to document this special time in her life. Terri is beautiful, her daughters are beautiful, and her house is beautiful. So it stands to reason that the shots would be beautiful. And the really neat thing was that Terri was open to alot of my ideas, but she also had some really great ones of her own. All in all, a wonderfully relaxed shoot with a dear friend, and I got to stay afterwards for a delicious home cooked meal by Moose and Bump (and I was even invited over for a slumber/Hannah Montanna viewing party by the divine Mia and Sophie, but, alas, I had to get home to my own babies). Thanks, Terri, for an unbelievable session, and congrats! It was such an honor being a part of this special time in your lives!

annat & co.

A few months ago, I did a photo shoot with Joelle and her family. Joelle's friend, Laura (from Houston) came in town, and we ended up doing a photo shoot for Laura's family, as well. Laura's sister-in-law, Annat (also from H-town), saw the pictures, and emailed me wanting to know if I ever visited Houston, as she wanted to schedule her own family session with me. As it happened, we celebrated Turkey Day in Houston with my in-laws, so I was able to arrange a shoot with Annat and her lovely family. The shoot was scheduled for the Friday morning after Thanksgiving, but a forecast of rain made us push the shoot to Wednesday evening; which was perfect, as we were able to get some amazing golden light from the setting sun. Annat brought along her husband, David, and her children, Steven and Sara. Such well-behaved, fun little ones (and so very cute), and David (who is going to be a doctor "when he grows up") was impossibly nice. Annat, I had so much fun with you guys, the wardrobe choice was great, and it was such an honor that you wanted me to work with your beautiful family (long distance and all). I can now say with pride, "Haute Shot Photography, serving Dallas and Houston". Thanks so much, and enjoy your sneak peek!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


As I prepare to map out my plan of attack for Black Friday shopping, I wanted to take a moment to give thanks to all the beautiful faces whom I have met over the last seven months. You have let me in to your homes, your moments, your lives, and you have all left smiles on my heart. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to capture your special moments, your milestones. It's been an honor, and a privilege, and so very much fun. So, as I gave thanks for my blessings tonight at dinner, all of you made my list. I hope you enjoyed this holiday with your loved ones. Thank you for making the greater part of this year one of my best ever.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

lori & co.

My weekend ended with a maternity session in the beautiful home of Lori and Eric. The beautiful home with beautiful, abundant, natural light, I should add. Seriously, I am thinking of opening Haute Shot's studio in their spare bedroom. Expecting their first child, a son, in early January, this couple could not have been sweeter. And Lori could not have been a more perfect prego lady. You know those pregnant women you see in magazines, the ones that are all belly and nothing else? The ones you are certain are not really pregnant . . . that's Lori. Teeny, tiny, all belly and truly glowing. Eric and Lori were open to all of my ideas, and it was an honor to document this very special time in their lives. While they have yet to decide on a name for the little boy, I am certain he'll be as sweet as his mommy and daddy. Thank you, guys, for inviting me in to my future studio, and best of luck to you these last few weeks! Enjoy your sneak peek!

taylor & co.

This morning I had the opportunity to take pictures of Taylor and her beautiful brood. Let me preface this by saying Taylor is also in the same line of biz that I am, and we met around the same time I started my business. I'm pleased to say that we've since become fast friends. Whether bonding over f-stops, white balance, co-sleeping or International Delight's French Vanilla creamer, I always have fun with Taylor. She has been so sweet to me, both as a peer and a friend, and I've really enjoyed getting to know her. Oh, and her girls are impossibly gorgeous. It was an absolute pleasure working with this family, and Price was so patient as we tried to capture some Mommy & Her Girls moments. Thank you, Taylor, for a fun morning (and for taking pictures of my own crew this evening!). Enjoy your sneak peek!

rachael & co.

Rachael booked her family session with me a few months ago. A few weeks ago, however, I had the opportunity to meet her and her beautifully spirited daughter, Kennedy, at the playgroup/fhg photo shoot. After that brief meeting, I looked forward to working with them again. This time Gabe and Beevo (yes, after that Beevo; hoom 'em horns!) joined in on the fun. Kennedy has got to be one of the most verbal little almost two-year olds around. And while she was a bit reserved at the beginning of the shoot, by the end we were singing songs and looking for Mickey Mouse. Beevo was able to sniff out abandoned tennis balls buried 4 feet deep, and Rachael and Gabe lovingly doted on both their girls. I had so much fun with this bunch. Thanks, Rachael, for the opportunity to work with you guys! Enjoy your sneak peek!

jenny & co.

Last Father's Day, Jenny surprised her husband with portraits she and Camille had taken with me in the spring. The day after he received the pictures, Patrick put them in his office and sent her the sweetest thank you email. The sweetest. Since then, I've counted down the days when I would get to work with two of my favorite blue-eyed girls again, and hopefully meet their favorite guy. Well, this past Saturday, I got the chance to meet TWO of their favorite guys: Patrick and baby brother (who will make his official debut in a few months) joined us for a fun family session. Camille, ever the ham, made my job effortless, and Jenny and Patrick could not have been more laid back. In spite of the cold weather, we were able to capture some very sweet moments. Jenny did an amazing job coordinating outfits (loved the pattern on her shirt, and Camille's sweater was to die for). Thank you, guys, for coming out to see me again. I hope you enjoyed grandfather's birthday party, and I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

lisa & co.

Lovely Lisa and her beautiful family moved to Texas last year. From Florida. So, of course, the morning of our shoot just happened to be the lowest temps we've had all year. Frozen noses and toesies aside, we managed to capture some sweet moments of this family of five. The boys were all boy, and so much fun! Baby sister was Miss Independent personified, and poor Lewis was ever the trooper, braving the cold WITH a cold! I met Lisa several months ago when I was shooting a Sip 'n See, and I am so glad she recently called to take some holiday photos. Thanks, guys, for coming out for some frozen fun, and enjoy your sneak peek!

Monday, November 17, 2008

amanda & co.

Last night I had the pleasure of working with such a cute little ham, Mr. Will, and his two parents, Amanda and Jeff. Amanda had booked a session with me to capture some family moments (which I won't post, in case she wants to use one for her holiday card), and this family could not have been easier! Will, a 2 and 1/2 year old who looks and acts twice his age, was so obedient, and oh how my camera loved him! Check out those dimples and those eyes! A dream. I actually met Amanda 12 years ago, and our paths have crossed periodically over the course of time (mutual friends' wedding or baby showers). Last night made me realize we need to make sure they cross a bit more often! Amanda makes a killer queso, has the decorating style of Cottage Chic meets Pottery Barn, and Jeff is just too sweet. Just an all around great family. Thanks guys, for a fun evening, and enjoy your sneak peek!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

kate & co.

Kate brought her adorable children (and their ever-doting dad, a bag of props and 2.5 wardrobe changes) out to see me this morning. Kate was prepared, to say the least, which I always appreciate! She had also prepared me with a warning that Miss Reese was shy and not very open to having her pictures taken. Sporting a gorgeous little ensemble from France (from, I think, her grandmother) Reese was shy for about 12 seconds. And then, over Alice in Wonderland, we bonded and the smiles were effortless. Andrew, with his gorgeous baby blues, was All Boy at its finest. I am so happy I decided to finish that second cup of coffee this morning, because I truly needed it running (literally running) after this future MVP Receiver. These two siblings were too cute for words, and we really captured some sweet moments. Thanks to Kate for bringing these beauties out to see me, and thanks to Daddy for the impromptu Puppet Show with the lovies! Happy Holidays, guys, and enjoy your sneak peek!

becca & co.

Last night I met Becca and her sweet family for some holiday themed photos. Now, lest you think my precious Eva is having a tantrum in that first picture, fear not, dear reader. That is merely Eva making her Excited Face. Yes, her Excited Face. Just about the funniest thing I've ever seen. And just about impossible to focus the camera, as I was in stitches. Eva will pretty much make any face you ask (and was sporting an impressive monkey face towards the end), and pretty much does what she's asked. Always so delightful, and most definitely entertaining (she wants a red lollipop from Santa for Christmas this year!). Usually my sessions with Eva are only of Eva (with an occassional candid with mama). But last night both Mark and Becca joined in on the fun and we got some pretty cute family shots (which I won't post, in case they want to use one for their holiday card). This marked my first time to work with Eva's parents, and it couldn't have been easier (save for the 25 mile an hour winds that almost scared Becca into nixing the session). Thank you, guys, for braving the wind. I enjoyed our session, as well as the popcorn! Enjoy your sneak peek!

j & co.

I met J at one of my first events, when I was photographing a Sip 'N See back in June. I was taken with her two boys, and they seemed to like my camera. I gave her my card, and a few months later she called to book a family session. Yesterday I met up with her beautiful family for a fun hour at the Arboretum. J's husband is a fashion designer (imagine my humiliation when I found this tidbit out yesterday, as I was wearing my best frumpy black pants and so-not-designer shirt), and I have to say, his outfit choice rocked. He truly looked the part of Super Urban Dad , and J looked gorgeous is her velvet coat (pre-approved by Mr. GQ). The boys were adorable in their matching sweaters and braved the biting cold wind with promises of hot chocolate after pictures! Although, truth be told, I think they would have played it in all day, so long as Dad continuted to find them leaves to feed the imaginary fishies! Thanks, guys, for such a fun morning. It was wonderful seeing you all again, and enjoy your sneak peek!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

marsha & co.

Cello Girl. That's what my friends and family called her when they found out about this shoot. Cello Girl. When Marsha first contacted me about taking senior portraits of her daughter, Rachel, she mentioned that Rachel played the cello. Goosebumps! Visions of her daughter in my favorite field playing the cello danced through my mind. A rain storm and grandson birth postponed our original shoot, which worked out for the best, since yesterday was overcast and the colors in our photos just popped. Rachel is a homeschooled senior who, coincidentally, is also taking college courses at a nearby campus. So she's a Senior Freshman. Talk about ambitious. Because of the rain the previous night, my field was soaked. So our much anticipated cello shots were taken on my favorite road, and it could not have worked out any better. While I was shooting, Rachel was playing the most haunting melody, and the music echoing through the trees literally gave me goosebumps! I cant write this post without thanking Marsha and Miss Robbie who dutifully sat with my own children as they watched Mommy work from the car. Robbie, the kids are still telling me all the spanish words you taught them; gracias! Marsha, I am so eager to meet Miss Riley, and I hope all of you enjoy the sneak peek. Rachel is one of the most confident, spirited young women I've ever met, and I know she will be successful in whatever she chooses to do. Best of luck to you, Rachel, and thank you for an amazing session!