Sunday, November 16, 2008

kate & co.

Kate brought her adorable children (and their ever-doting dad, a bag of props and 2.5 wardrobe changes) out to see me this morning. Kate was prepared, to say the least, which I always appreciate! She had also prepared me with a warning that Miss Reese was shy and not very open to having her pictures taken. Sporting a gorgeous little ensemble from France (from, I think, her grandmother) Reese was shy for about 12 seconds. And then, over Alice in Wonderland, we bonded and the smiles were effortless. Andrew, with his gorgeous baby blues, was All Boy at its finest. I am so happy I decided to finish that second cup of coffee this morning, because I truly needed it running (literally running) after this future MVP Receiver. These two siblings were too cute for words, and we really captured some sweet moments. Thanks to Kate for bringing these beauties out to see me, and thanks to Daddy for the impromptu Puppet Show with the lovies! Happy Holidays, guys, and enjoy your sneak peek!

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