Sunday, November 30, 2008

annat & co.

A few months ago, I did a photo shoot with Joelle and her family. Joelle's friend, Laura (from Houston) came in town, and we ended up doing a photo shoot for Laura's family, as well. Laura's sister-in-law, Annat (also from H-town), saw the pictures, and emailed me wanting to know if I ever visited Houston, as she wanted to schedule her own family session with me. As it happened, we celebrated Turkey Day in Houston with my in-laws, so I was able to arrange a shoot with Annat and her lovely family. The shoot was scheduled for the Friday morning after Thanksgiving, but a forecast of rain made us push the shoot to Wednesday evening; which was perfect, as we were able to get some amazing golden light from the setting sun. Annat brought along her husband, David, and her children, Steven and Sara. Such well-behaved, fun little ones (and so very cute), and David (who is going to be a doctor "when he grows up") was impossibly nice. Annat, I had so much fun with you guys, the wardrobe choice was great, and it was such an honor that you wanted me to work with your beautiful family (long distance and all). I can now say with pride, "Haute Shot Photography, serving Dallas and Houston". Thanks so much, and enjoy your sneak peek!

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