Sunday, November 16, 2008

j & co.

I met J at one of my first events, when I was photographing a Sip 'N See back in June. I was taken with her two boys, and they seemed to like my camera. I gave her my card, and a few months later she called to book a family session. Yesterday I met up with her beautiful family for a fun hour at the Arboretum. J's husband is a fashion designer (imagine my humiliation when I found this tidbit out yesterday, as I was wearing my best frumpy black pants and so-not-designer shirt), and I have to say, his outfit choice rocked. He truly looked the part of Super Urban Dad , and J looked gorgeous is her velvet coat (pre-approved by Mr. GQ). The boys were adorable in their matching sweaters and braved the biting cold wind with promises of hot chocolate after pictures! Although, truth be told, I think they would have played it in all day, so long as Dad continuted to find them leaves to feed the imaginary fishies! Thanks, guys, for such a fun morning. It was wonderful seeing you all again, and enjoy your sneak peek!

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