Thursday, November 13, 2008

marsha & co.

Cello Girl. That's what my friends and family called her when they found out about this shoot. Cello Girl. When Marsha first contacted me about taking senior portraits of her daughter, Rachel, she mentioned that Rachel played the cello. Goosebumps! Visions of her daughter in my favorite field playing the cello danced through my mind. A rain storm and grandson birth postponed our original shoot, which worked out for the best, since yesterday was overcast and the colors in our photos just popped. Rachel is a homeschooled senior who, coincidentally, is also taking college courses at a nearby campus. So she's a Senior Freshman. Talk about ambitious. Because of the rain the previous night, my field was soaked. So our much anticipated cello shots were taken on my favorite road, and it could not have worked out any better. While I was shooting, Rachel was playing the most haunting melody, and the music echoing through the trees literally gave me goosebumps! I cant write this post without thanking Marsha and Miss Robbie who dutifully sat with my own children as they watched Mommy work from the car. Robbie, the kids are still telling me all the spanish words you taught them; gracias! Marsha, I am so eager to meet Miss Riley, and I hope all of you enjoy the sneak peek. Rachel is one of the most confident, spirited young women I've ever met, and I know she will be successful in whatever she chooses to do. Best of luck to you, Rachel, and thank you for an amazing session!

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