Monday, November 10, 2008

kristy & co.

Yesterday morning I met Kristy and her boys for a family photo session that was supposed to originally take place at the Arboretum. But the morning of the shoot, Kristy's husband remembered that they wanted to include little Harley in the family photo . . . and being of the canine persuasion, Harley would not have been welcome in the Arboretum. So we headed elsewhere, which actually turned out to be a very good thing. The babies were able to enjoy the sounds of the water, Harley was able to roam freely (or as far as his Harley Davidson leash would allow) and Grandma Ann lent a hand (or two) to all of us. This adorable family moved in to a new home 12 weeks ago, welcomed a new baby boy in to the family 10 weeks ago, celebrated Harley's 3rd birthday a few days ago, and is constantly on their toes chasing after a recently-mastered-walking one year old. I can not imagine how they managed to manage the last 12 weeks, but they were as calm and pleasant as they could be yesterday. Thank you, Kristy, for bringing all 4 of your boys out to see me, and next time we'll try to get Grandma in the pictures!

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