Tuesday, February 23, 2010

little saints & co.

Little Saints and Scholars Families, your class pictures can be viewed here. Please refer to the letter that was sent home with your child for the password to this gallery. Thanks so much, and I look forward to seeing your little saints next month for individual pictures!

Monday, February 22, 2010

kristin & co.

Saturday night I crawled in to bed at 7:30. I was asleep by 9. And I slept until 8 the next morning. I think it was Mother Nature's way of preparing me for my session on Sunday morning: a play date shoot with three little babies; Cole (10 months), Madison (8 months) and Lilly (6.5 months). Joining the adorable babies were their haute mamas and equally haute grandmamas. The session was originally planned for outdoors, but once again, Mother Nature intervened. By now, if Lilly or Madison don't make my blog every other month, my blog stalkers email me to make sure they're ok. Their mamas, Kristin and Meredith, are self-professed haute shot addicts. And I love it. For quite awhile now, I've heard lots and lots about their other friend Maggie (Cole's mama who now lives in Houston). Maggie and Kristin have known each other since the 7th grade. The 7th grade. And they met Meredith in the 11th grade. M and K convinced Maggie to come in from Htown to do this play date session. And I'm so glad they did. At first it was absolute greatness. The children posed so beautifully in a three generations shot . . . and then it was pure bedlam. I kid, I kid. It was more of a controlled chaos, if you will. But so very entertaining. Madison loved posing on her own. Or with her boyfriend. But once her BFF entered the picture, Miss Madison threw an outright fit. Cole was so excited to be posing with the two lovelies. So excited that when he went to give Miss Lilly a hug, he accidentally sliced her cheek! As absolutely crazy as the session was, it was so much fun. As it always is with M&K. Maggie, it was great to finally meet you and Mr. Cole! To all the grandmas, you have done a wonderful job raising your lovely daughters! Kristin, thanks for organizing . . . and I'll see you next month for Madison's 9 month session (told you she's a haute shot junkie). Enjoy your sneaky, ladies!

Friday, February 19, 2010

angela & co.

Five children. Five. That is the number I prepared myself for one day last week, and I was looking forward to it. As the oldest of five children, I knew we'd have lots of fun shooting and playing. When Angela and her crew arrived at the park, the children exited the car and immediately lined up for pictures. Pa and Joy joined their grandchildren, and in between shots they all 'sniggled' (which was Joy's new way of saying snuggle, which the girls just found to be hilarious!). But as I lined the entire family up for a group shot, something was off. Not quite right. I couldn't put my finger on it. Until I positioned the five children for a sibling shot. And that's when it hit me. There were six children! Six children, all under the age of 10, and all home schooled by the very patient and gentle Angela. And those six children? Well, aside from being 5 girls and one very laid back little Benedict, they were polite, intelligent and just so much fun. Annabelle, the oldest of the six, was ever the Big Sister and was such a wonderful little assistant to me. Juliette is the second oldest, and fearless does not begin to describe this little girl. She was wearing a cast on her foot, that somehow did not stop her from running around the park, climbing trees and jumping off of them. I kept joking that she broke her foot jumping out of an airplane, which the younger ones thought was so funny. Oh yes, the younger ones: Amelia and Miranda are twins, and the whole Twin Bond was very evident between these two. And little Miss Sassafrass, I mean Elena, is three years the twins' junior, but clearly considers herself to be their triplet. Anything they could do, she better get to, as well. And then there was 7 month old Benedict. The girls adore him, and he is very content to sit and bask in the adoration. Daddy Larry took time off from work to join his parents and lovely family for the session. All in all, a great way to spend a morning. When the session ended, the girls descended upon an old tree and started climbing. As I walked back to the car, I could hear them talking about how it was a sled, how they were North Pole bound . . . and then pirates and fairies entered the mix, and I was again reminded of my own childhood, climbing trees and make believing with my own siblings. Angela, thanks for the wonderful opportunity to photograph your not so little family. They are such good, good children, and it was a pleasure! Enjoy your sneaky!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

put a little love in your heart

Happy Hearts to all of my hautties!

As I gear up for the spring season, I wanted to let you know that March and April are officially booked. For those of you wanting sessions before the Sweaty Summer arrives, there are a handful of sessions left in May. And then we can suffer together during June, July and August!
As always, thank you for making my heart so full. And may chocolate, roses and xoxoxox's abound!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

dylan & co.

His doppelanger on Facebook is Brad Pitt. And after shooting Dylan for almost two hours this past Saturday, with his blond hair and blue yes, I kind of saw it. Like his father and brother before him, Dylan is a man of few words. But because his sister happens to be April, I knew how to get the handsome senior to open up. Or at least flash those pearly whites a few times. Dylan is a senior, a member of both the National Honor Society and FFA, and a fighting Matador on the football team at Seguin High School. He was just accepted in to A&M, where he plans on studying something about wildlife and game in the hopes of becoming a vet. And if his interaction with his loyal and beloved dog, Annie, is any indication, he will be a fine, fine doctor for the four legged variety. We did the shooting out in my favorite parts of Wide Awake Wylie, and the rustic setting proved to be the perfect backdrop for Dylan, his boots, his hat (that is supposed to be crooked on one side, thank you very much), and Annie. April came along to play my assistant, and we had so much fun. The highlight, of course, was parking across the road from this amazing (but very much abandoned) old, wooden railroad track. We had to run across a very busy highway to get to it, and then walk through about 50 feet of the muddiest mud imaginable. And all I could think about, aside from what I would do if I dropped my camera in to the rushing creek below, was that Dylan and April were such great sports. Cut from the same cloth, they were up for anything (danger be damned!) and so much fun. I have no doubt, wherever the other end of the bridge takes him, Dylan will be so very successful and continue to make his family so very proud. Thanks for letting me be a part of your moment, Dylan. Best of luck in the future, and enjoy your sneak.

kendra & co.

I first met Kendra three years ago, when our sons attended the same preschool class together. Right away, I knew she was One of those Moms: One of those Moms whose kids were always perfectly dressed. One of those Moms whose children were so well behaved. One of those Moms who was always to school on time to drop off the children. And on time to pick them up. She was the Room Mom and always so together. One might argue I became her friend just so that I could enter this strange and amazing world of One of Those Moms. I'd learn all the secrets and emerge just a bit more . . . Together. And my children would have perfectly coiffed hair and oreo crumb-less mouths. But truth be told, we became friends because our boys became fast friends, and three years later and two different schools apart, still are. Our daughters are the same age and in the same preschool class today, and whenever we do get together with the kids, it's always so much fun. As mentioned before, Kendra is Together. And if you don't believe me, nibble on this, dear reader: she booked this newborn session when she was 12 weeks pregnant. And two weeks before bringing baby Colby into this world, she booked his One Year Session. See, doesn't the thinking of One of those Moms amaze and baffle you all at once? Kidding aside, the session went completely as I expected. Trenton and Macey were amazing during their portion of the session. So sweet, so patient and so obedient. And in between shots, they'd move to the wall and wait quietly until the next shot. I'm not exaggerating. And when it was time for Mr. Colby to take pics on his own, he decided he'd rather be awake. And no matter how hard we tried, he refused to go to sleep. Now, don't get me wrong, he was polite as could be. He'd just stare at me, quietly, and let me go about my business. At a week and a-half, he is already showing the signs of becoming One of those Kids (like his big sis and bro) who belong to One of those Moms. It was a very special session, and I am counting down the 300 and something days until the next one (I'm sure if I asked her, Kendra would know how many). Kendra and Matt, congrats on another perfect little baby. He is absolutely beautiful, and it was such an honor.

carrie & co.

One of my favorite little red heads came to see me last weekend for her 6 month photos. Well, technically, her 5 and 3/4 month photos. And at 5 and 3/4, Miss Emily can sit up on her own. And, truth be told, prefers standing. No kidding; she's just so advanced. 6 month sessions are so exciting for me, because in 6 months babies change so dramatically. In Emily's case, however, she was exactly the same: creamy white skin, the reddest hair imaginable, and the most beautiful baby blues to compliment the whole package. Carrie and Brad were just as patient and fun as they were 6 months ago, and it seems like someone is definitely a Daddy's Girl. Or is at a Daughter's Daddy? Not sure which one, but Emily sure loved to smile at her daddy. The shot of her gazing up at him while "dancing on his toes" will surely make it into a Rehearsal Dinner slide show years and years from now. But lest I get too ahead of myself, dear reader, for now I'm more than happy to simply soak in the sweetness that is this little family of three. Emily, thanks for bringing your little red-head out to see me. As always, it's such an honor. And I can. Not. Wait. for the 1 year session. Enjoy your sneaky!

Monday, February 1, 2010

kristin & co.

No, Madison is not wearing mascarra. Or lip gloss. Nor blush, for that matter. But, yes, she can rock the camera. With some pretty soulful stares, I might add. She came out for her six month pictures yesterday, and she brought with her Kristin and Nana. And a suitcase full of clothes. And a bag of bows and hats. And a few props. And don't forget about the bag that BFF Lilly left for her after her own 6 month session the day prior (how presh is it that they're already sharing clothes?!?!?). It's always an adventure when the lovely ladies in M's life come out to see me, and yesterday was no exception. Fresh from the toasty car, Madison was literally rosy-cheeked for the first part of the session. Things got a bit spotty when we put her in the scratchy tutus (Nana called it), but we quickly reeled her back in with some bubbles. My favorite part of the session, however, was when we had the beauty in some angel wings. Madison was happily playing with the gazillion pearl necklaces, simply fascinated by them. And then I got the great idea to snap a few shots sans necklaces. So Kristin simply took them from her daughter. And at 6 months, Madison all too clearly let her mother know how she felt about the action. I. Have. Never. Seen. Anything. Like. It. And the best part: she was still wearing the angelic wings. Madison will be part of the Play Date session I'll be shooting in a few weeks, and I can not wait to see what Meredith and Kristin have in store for me and the kiddies. Thanks, ladies, for coming out to see me! And enjoy your sneaky!

brandy & co.

My first session on Sunday could not have been easier, sweeter or more efficient. Little Boy Jack came out for his 6 month session, and I wondered if he'd bring Grammy Pam and Papa Jeff with him (as he did during his newbie session). I'm more than pleased to report that he did! All the way in from Houston (and heading back for Htown after our session), the Grandparents of the Year were able to share in the milestone session with their little boy. Jack is The Student of the Month at his school, and with his easy going disposition and killer smile, it's easy to see why. In less than an hour we hammered out all the shots, and sweet Jack was ever the noise maker. He kept me laughing the entire time with all the sounds and noises he'd make during the shoot. Special thanks to Randy for playing my assistant . . . and our entertainment of the morning when he broke out in song. Jack sat up for most of the session, unassisted, and would give me some great belly laughs when I'd try to echo his sounds. Brandy, it was so great to see you (and the rest of the gang), and thank you so much for letting me capture this special time in your little boy's life! He's growing up so fast, and it's been more than an honor to watch it! Enjoy your sneak!