Tuesday, February 9, 2010

kendra & co.

I first met Kendra three years ago, when our sons attended the same preschool class together. Right away, I knew she was One of those Moms: One of those Moms whose kids were always perfectly dressed. One of those Moms whose children were so well behaved. One of those Moms who was always to school on time to drop off the children. And on time to pick them up. She was the Room Mom and always so together. One might argue I became her friend just so that I could enter this strange and amazing world of One of Those Moms. I'd learn all the secrets and emerge just a bit more . . . Together. And my children would have perfectly coiffed hair and oreo crumb-less mouths. But truth be told, we became friends because our boys became fast friends, and three years later and two different schools apart, still are. Our daughters are the same age and in the same preschool class today, and whenever we do get together with the kids, it's always so much fun. As mentioned before, Kendra is Together. And if you don't believe me, nibble on this, dear reader: she booked this newborn session when she was 12 weeks pregnant. And two weeks before bringing baby Colby into this world, she booked his One Year Session. See, doesn't the thinking of One of those Moms amaze and baffle you all at once? Kidding aside, the session went completely as I expected. Trenton and Macey were amazing during their portion of the session. So sweet, so patient and so obedient. And in between shots, they'd move to the wall and wait quietly until the next shot. I'm not exaggerating. And when it was time for Mr. Colby to take pics on his own, he decided he'd rather be awake. And no matter how hard we tried, he refused to go to sleep. Now, don't get me wrong, he was polite as could be. He'd just stare at me, quietly, and let me go about my business. At a week and a-half, he is already showing the signs of becoming One of those Kids (like his big sis and bro) who belong to One of those Moms. It was a very special session, and I am counting down the 300 and something days until the next one (I'm sure if I asked her, Kendra would know how many). Kendra and Matt, congrats on another perfect little baby. He is absolutely beautiful, and it was such an honor.

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