Monday, February 1, 2010

kristin & co.

No, Madison is not wearing mascarra. Or lip gloss. Nor blush, for that matter. But, yes, she can rock the camera. With some pretty soulful stares, I might add. She came out for her six month pictures yesterday, and she brought with her Kristin and Nana. And a suitcase full of clothes. And a bag of bows and hats. And a few props. And don't forget about the bag that BFF Lilly left for her after her own 6 month session the day prior (how presh is it that they're already sharing clothes?!?!?). It's always an adventure when the lovely ladies in M's life come out to see me, and yesterday was no exception. Fresh from the toasty car, Madison was literally rosy-cheeked for the first part of the session. Things got a bit spotty when we put her in the scratchy tutus (Nana called it), but we quickly reeled her back in with some bubbles. My favorite part of the session, however, was when we had the beauty in some angel wings. Madison was happily playing with the gazillion pearl necklaces, simply fascinated by them. And then I got the great idea to snap a few shots sans necklaces. So Kristin simply took them from her daughter. And at 6 months, Madison all too clearly let her mother know how she felt about the action. I. Have. Never. Seen. Anything. Like. It. And the best part: she was still wearing the angelic wings. Madison will be part of the Play Date session I'll be shooting in a few weeks, and I can not wait to see what Meredith and Kristin have in store for me and the kiddies. Thanks, ladies, for coming out to see me! And enjoy your sneaky!

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