Sunday, January 31, 2010

meredith & co.

Little Miss Lilly Bean came out to see me for her 6 month photo session on Saturday (and like Cowen, it was her six month birthday!). At her newborn session, Meredith literally booked me through July, planning out the rest of the year for the child's first year of portraits. Poor Lilly Girl, she had received her six month shots the day before, and Meredith was pretty sure the baby was coming down with something . . . and yet, in spite of all the things going against her, Lilly still managed to give us some beautiful smiles and moments to capture. Meredith brought along the doll cradle and child's chair that she had as a little girl. Lilly wanted nothing to do with the chair (like her mama, I think she's a planner and knows that the chair will be a fantastic prop at her one year session), but she did agree to fall asleep in the cradle. Just long enough for us to get some beautiful sleeping shots. I honestly think Lilly is the only six month old who would fall asleep at a session and let me get to work (she did at the end of her three month session, as well. Love. It. Kristin and Meredith are besties (Kristen actually introduced me to Meredith & Co.), and the ladies were up the night before the session planning wardrobe changes, props, etc. They texted me a picture of the process, and I just had to share it. Special thanks to Troy for coming out with the ladies (even though he clearly did not want to be there). I'm thinking of installing a flat screen and kegger in the studio for all my dads who give up their weekend mornings to smile with their fams. I get to see this blue eyed baby girl in a few weeks for a play date session, and I can not wait. Thanks for coming out, guys, and enjoy your sneak!

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