Wednesday, January 6, 2010

michelle & co.

Introducing Miss Campbell, a sweet little two week old with an equally sweet 18 month old brother. You might remember Kellan and his parents from a few months ago, when they were a family of 3.5 and counting down the days until baby girl's arrival. Well she's here, and just as sweet as can be. And just as she was while prego, Michelle was as calm as she could be. If Kellan wanted to pose with his snack cup, "It's fine. That's the reality of Kellan" she'd say. And Daddy Brady won major points by presenting his baby girl with the tiniest diamond ring. Apparently it's a tradition in his family that all the baby girls are given rings when they are born. I'm pretty confident it's clear who has whom wrapped around their finger . . . and a diamond ring wearing finger, at that! Michelle and Brady are creative, hands-on types, and they have totally decked out their baby girl's nursery. Like many of my clients, Michelle writes a fantastic family blog, and she allows me the privilege of checking in from time to time. The nursery is something out of a magazine spread, and it totally made me want to redo my daughter's room. And mine. And the living room . . . Guys, it was so much fun, such an honor, and she is just the sweetest! Congrats, and enjoy your sneaky!

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