Sunday, January 17, 2010

karen & co.

Look at these sweet little girls. Could you not just EAT them UP! Four month old twins, Eliana and Dalia, came by to see me this weekend. Along with mama Karen and daddy Rob (and a brief but sweet visit by Saba and Savta). Karen and Rob could not have been more patient, or any sweeter, as we worked with their little supermodels. And the girls were such troopers. They posed awake. Dressed. Undressed. And after a couple hours of posing awake, they fell asleep (together!) and stayed asleep long enough for us to get some beautiful dreamland shots in the blankies Savta knit for them. Karen and Rob brought along lots of wardrobe changes for the girls, but my favorite moment came when they put on their matching knit caps. As soon as Dalia saw Eliana in hers, she made the biggest belly laugh. And then Eliana did the same thing when she looked at Dalia. And they both just stared at each other, in absolute wonder, trying to figure out what the other was wearing. So cute, so sweet, and I see lots of other sweet Sister Moments in their future. Rob and Karen, congrats on your beautiful girls. It was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with you. Enjoy our sneaky!

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