Saturday, January 23, 2010

missy & co.

Oh dear reader, what to do? Every time I begin to write words to accompany these pics, I have to figuratively rip the paper out of the carriage, crumple it up, and throw it into the growing mountain of paper balls overflowing from the trash can. No, not due to Writer's Block . . . quite the opposite, actually. More because the words I write are all fodder for a Rehearsal Dinner speech to be given in exactly 125 days. You see, dear reader, Missy is my lovely sister. And Chris is her handsome fiance. And we recently went out to take their engagement pictures. And I really have to stop there. Stories from the session will surely make it into the speech, and I'm already getting weepy thinking about the Day. So, for just this once, I'll spare all of my hautties my ramblings (too late) and just let the pictures speak for themselves. Guys, So. Much. Fun. Thanks for trusting me with the shots, and thanks for being such sports. Love you, Liss. And, Christopher, welcome to the family.


  1. These are amazing, Jenn! Congrats to the nearly newlys!! :)