Sunday, January 3, 2010

nicole & co.

After you've worked with a family a few times, you get to know their style. Their personalities. Them. So when Stuart and Nicole arrived for baby Brayden's 7 month studio session, I had a hunch that they'd be ok moving part of it outdoors. Even though it was 40 something degrees. And I was right: they were. And I was glad: Wylie's historic downtown square provided the perfect urban chic backdrop for this picture perfect family. And even though he had just returned from a week long vaca in Cali, was completely off his sleeping schedule AND getting over a cold, the happiest kid on the block continued his Super Session Streak with plenty of giggles, coos and smiles. He loved the outdoors, he loved the indoors, he loved the camera, and he clearly loves his mommy and daddy. And is it a little more than obvious that I clearly love him? A fantastic way to begin 2010, and it was so much fun. Guys, thanks for being so spontaneous; it really paid off. And kisses to your sweet, sweet boy!

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