Wednesday, February 25, 2009

andrea & co.

Saturday night I photographed my first official wedding. Back in July, mind you, Andrea and Jeff hired me for both their engagement session and their Big Day. It was, without a doubt, an unbelievable honor that these two trusted me to capture the moments that made up the story of their wedding. And, as such, I found myself tearing up a bit (both during the ceremony and first dances, and the Father of the Bride speech); rookie mistake? Tender moments aside, I can not speak enough about this couple. An undeniable chemistry, amazing friends and family, and just about the easiest couple to work with. Andrea was so easy going, so laid back and so breathaking in her Old Hollywood Glamour wedding gown. I am not even close to editing the moments from the day, but I did want to share a few with you. Ok, more than a few. But it will be a while before these two see the final pics, and they're in love, by golly! Special thanks to my wonderful assistant/sister/photography slave, Melissa, who fetched batteries and memory cards, kept me on task throughout the night and even managed to capture a few great shots of her own. Andrea and Jeff, thank you so, so very much for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day. I hope you both had fun in Tahoe, and I wish you a happily ever after!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

haute happenings

Just a quick and friendly F-to-the-Y-to-the-I that the month of March is now officially booked! April is starting to fill up, too. If any one is wanting to get some Spring/Easter portraits done, please inquire about remaining open dates. I'm preparing for my first official wedding this weekend; plenty of sneaks to come next week! And since I really can't post a post without posting a pic, I'm including one of a very special three year old who is always game in helping Mommy test the light in the "tudio". As always, thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your week!

Monday, February 16, 2009

monique & co.

I have long believed that I photograph some of the prettiest faces in the metroplex. Miss Sydney, her Mama and Mimi were no exception. Yesterday Monique brought her little Gerber baby out to see me for some six month portraits. On the drive out, Sydney had a nice, long nap that put her in Perfect Portrait Session mode. Seriously, this little beauty was all smiles and laughs. And oh the stories she was trying to tell us! She posed perfectly in a big girl chair, was obsessed with her shoes (I see a closet full of Manolos and Maddens in her future), and just in love with her Mama and Mimi (who came in from Longview to be a part of this milestone session). I could not have asked for a sweeter way to end my weekend. Thank you, Monique, for the honor of working with your picture perfect princess! I look forward to the one year portraits this summer. Until then, enjoy your sneaky to the peeky!

brooke & co.

When Brooke and Kheane walked in with Miss Maddie this past Saturday, I'm not gonna lie. I teared up a little bit. Six months ago, I took their maternity pictures. Three months ago I took their newborn pictures. And sitting before me in her little car seat was a beautiful baby girl I hardly recognized! I could not believe how much Madeline had changed in only three months! Still as beautiful as ever, with those big brown eyes, and perfect lips. But she was longer, fuller and full of smiles. Three months is probaby the hardest age to photograph. Babies can't sit up on their own, they despise tummy time, and they like to save their smiles for Mommy and Daddy. But Maddie was the exception, thanks in large part to Mom and Dad's arsenal of tricks. They brought her favorite toys, were game singing her favorite songs, and brought along her changing table mat (because that is where she is happiest). Sounds strange, but it worked. Brooke also brought along the most adorable little Anne Geddes inspired hat and bloomers (the purple hat in the pic below). Covered in flower petals, she could make a killing on Etsy with the sets! Brooke and Kheane, thank you so much for coming out to see me; you made it a very sweet Valentine's, indeed! I can not wait to see your little girl again in three months (I better have the kleenex ready!), and enjoy your sneak peek!

Monday, February 9, 2009

ashley & co.

My final session yesterday took place at the home of Ashley and Robert. Our maternity session right before Christmas was such a success, and I had a feeling Kendall's newborn session would be no different. I was right. When I arrived, proud Daddy was just finishing giving his little girl a bottle, Ashley (who looks insanely incredible after having only had Kendall two weeks earlier!) helped me lug in props, and we got to work. All three were so cooperative, especially Miss K. When we needed awake shots, she posed like a little diva. When we wanted sleepy angel shots, a few swings in her swing lulled her right to sleep. And she stayed that way. Her nursery, by the way, is something out of a magazine, and Ashley and Robert's hard work in there paid off. Truly fit for a princess. Here is a small sampling of our time together; the football helmet in the pic below was actually Robert's in college. He also had a vision or two of his own for some poses, and I know he'll be pleased. Thank you guys, for such a sweet session, for the Coke Zero and all the fun. Enjoy your sneak, and congrats!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

beth & co.

I have known Beth since I was a college girl, studying Dante, Shakespeare, and Joyce. Beth studied numbers, I think, and I remember being in awe of her because she was on some Doogie Howser-super-fast-track, took a million hours and graduated early. She was the first one out of our group of friends to have a "real job" while the rest of us were still attending classes. But before you get the idea that she is some Numbers Nerd, let me assure you that she is about the funniest person you could ever hope to meet. I kid you not, dear reader, hanging out with Beth is like starring in your own little tv sitcom, where she delivers one liners with impeccable timing and keeps you laughing from the beginning until the end; all the while laughing at all of your lame attempts to keep up with her. I swear, if she wasn't mommy to the adorable Sam (more on him in a minute), I think Beth would be BFF's with Tina Fey, coming up with award winning punch lines for their award winning show. Beth always has a smile on her face (the last picture in this post is quintessential Beth), even in the most difficult times. And when you are going through some of your own, she's quick to put a smile on yours. And so is Sam. The session started out with him feeling a little shy around me, but a riveting conversation about Star Wars helped break the ice. Oh, and the promise of a giant lollipop. Beth, it was so great seeing you and Sam today. Thank you so much for such a fun session, and enjoy your sneak!

beth & co.

Saturday afternoon I met Beth and her three adorable children for a snack-filled session at the Arboretum. Beth is the proud mama of two two year-old twin girls, and the most adorable six month old boy. Needless to say, Beth has her hands full. So, in addition to the three kids, Beth brought along her friend, Melisssa. But you could easily call her the Baby Whisperer. While Beth and I took pictures with some of the kids, Miss M was quietly watching the others; she was beyond awesome. And so were Beth and her kiddos. While we may have made a rookie mistake by bringing the snacks out a bit too early, we did manage to capture some sweet moments. Beth, it was a pleasure meeting you and your wee ones, and special thanks to the Baby Whisperer! I look forward to seeing you and the gang in another six months!

Friday, February 6, 2009

missy & co.

This week, my family and I were treated to a fun visit from Missy (you may remember my younger sister from a December entry). This week she helped, yet again, on a few sessions. In return for her hard work, I bought her some cute little pieces to add to her wardrobe. And, of course, you just can't buy some cute little pieces to add to a wardrobe without having a mini-photo session the day of your departure. In fact, if you're lucky, you just might even find a new facebook profile pic to use in the bunch. Thanks, Missy, for a great week. We miss you already. Come back yesterday.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

jenny & co.

Jenny first called me after Christmas, wanting to schedule a budoir session as a surprise for her husband. The idea was that she would make a calendar for him as a Valentine's Day present. But she said she needed 4 weeks to really hit the gym and get in shape after the holidays. 4 weeks. Um, never mind that I could take 4 years and never be close to ready to give my darling husband such a gift. But Jenny did it. Oh, and I should mention (though it might make you hate her even more) that she is the proud mama of 4 children. 4 weeks. 4 children. 4 get it. Anyway, she arrived yesterday with 3 bags of gorgeous lingerie and a suitcase FULL of shoes. And I don't mean a carry-on suitcase. We're talking, "Hey, I'm leaving the country for a few months and I want to make sure I'm not forgetting anything" kind of suitcase. And I think we managed to use almost every pair. She also brought along Ashley (from Ashley & Co. in December) and baby Kendall (who will be having her newborn pictures taken by yours truly on Sunday), and last, but not least, a great personality to go with her rocking bod. I had so much fun with Jenny, and I think she might have to end up making a book for her husband, as there are way more than 12 gorgeous pictures to choose from. Ashley, thanks for your patience! Jenny, thanks for coming out yesterday, and enjoy your sneak peek!