Thursday, February 5, 2009

jenny & co.

Jenny first called me after Christmas, wanting to schedule a budoir session as a surprise for her husband. The idea was that she would make a calendar for him as a Valentine's Day present. But she said she needed 4 weeks to really hit the gym and get in shape after the holidays. 4 weeks. Um, never mind that I could take 4 years and never be close to ready to give my darling husband such a gift. But Jenny did it. Oh, and I should mention (though it might make you hate her even more) that she is the proud mama of 4 children. 4 weeks. 4 children. 4 get it. Anyway, she arrived yesterday with 3 bags of gorgeous lingerie and a suitcase FULL of shoes. And I don't mean a carry-on suitcase. We're talking, "Hey, I'm leaving the country for a few months and I want to make sure I'm not forgetting anything" kind of suitcase. And I think we managed to use almost every pair. She also brought along Ashley (from Ashley & Co. in December) and baby Kendall (who will be having her newborn pictures taken by yours truly on Sunday), and last, but not least, a great personality to go with her rocking bod. I had so much fun with Jenny, and I think she might have to end up making a book for her husband, as there are way more than 12 gorgeous pictures to choose from. Ashley, thanks for your patience! Jenny, thanks for coming out yesterday, and enjoy your sneak peek!

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