Sunday, February 8, 2009

beth & co.

Saturday afternoon I met Beth and her three adorable children for a snack-filled session at the Arboretum. Beth is the proud mama of two two year-old twin girls, and the most adorable six month old boy. Needless to say, Beth has her hands full. So, in addition to the three kids, Beth brought along her friend, Melisssa. But you could easily call her the Baby Whisperer. While Beth and I took pictures with some of the kids, Miss M was quietly watching the others; she was beyond awesome. And so were Beth and her kiddos. While we may have made a rookie mistake by bringing the snacks out a bit too early, we did manage to capture some sweet moments. Beth, it was a pleasure meeting you and your wee ones, and special thanks to the Baby Whisperer! I look forward to seeing you and the gang in another six months!

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