Sunday, February 8, 2009

beth & co.

I have known Beth since I was a college girl, studying Dante, Shakespeare, and Joyce. Beth studied numbers, I think, and I remember being in awe of her because she was on some Doogie Howser-super-fast-track, took a million hours and graduated early. She was the first one out of our group of friends to have a "real job" while the rest of us were still attending classes. But before you get the idea that she is some Numbers Nerd, let me assure you that she is about the funniest person you could ever hope to meet. I kid you not, dear reader, hanging out with Beth is like starring in your own little tv sitcom, where she delivers one liners with impeccable timing and keeps you laughing from the beginning until the end; all the while laughing at all of your lame attempts to keep up with her. I swear, if she wasn't mommy to the adorable Sam (more on him in a minute), I think Beth would be BFF's with Tina Fey, coming up with award winning punch lines for their award winning show. Beth always has a smile on her face (the last picture in this post is quintessential Beth), even in the most difficult times. And when you are going through some of your own, she's quick to put a smile on yours. And so is Sam. The session started out with him feeling a little shy around me, but a riveting conversation about Star Wars helped break the ice. Oh, and the promise of a giant lollipop. Beth, it was so great seeing you and Sam today. Thank you so much for such a fun session, and enjoy your sneak!

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