Thursday, July 22, 2010

chelsea & co.

Chelsea is a photographer from the San Antonio area whose husband happened to be in Dallas this week on business. Realizing she is always behind the camera (and never in front) with her own daughter, she booked a 6 Month Mommy/Daughter session with me. Kherington, obviously, is no stranger to the camera. And with her piercing blue eyes and creamy white chubbiness, she was a dream. We captured some very sweet Mommy and Me moments, especially at the end, but here are some of my other faves. I just loved Kherington's eyes against the blue rug. Truth be told, I loved Kherington's eyes against anything. Chelsea brought along a little cowboy hat and cow-inspired diaper cover for some cowgirl pics (Chelsea & Co. live on a ranch, to which my fam has been invited next time we're in the San Antone area). The session was fast and so much fun. It's always a bit nerve racking photographing a fellow photographer. But Chelsea made is so easy! Thanks so much for coming out to see us, Chels. Hope the drive back wasn't too bad. Enjoy your sneaky!

Monday, July 19, 2010

haley & co.

My sixth and final session of the weekend brought me to the home of Haley and Matt. Which happened to be the home that Matt's grandfather built in HP and in which his mother was raised. Haley, Matt and Emmitt (the adorable rescue pup in the final pic) welcomed sweet baby Ryan into the world 2.5 weeks ago. Even though we kept the temperature in the house warmer than the temp outside (literally), little Ryan would not fall asleep. Rather, he watched. And listened. And loved to snuggle with his red-headed mama (who has a wing at Ursuline Academy named after her family!). With beautiful blue eyes (and hair that will no doubt match his mother's), Ryan was a perfect gentleman while I snapped away. During Ryan's snack time, Matt (who is a real estate appraiser) educated me on the evil ways HGTV lies to its viewers by saying putting in hardwoods and crown moulding will yield a handsome return when you go to sell your home. I digress. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this sweet little family, and I was so appreciative of the fact that they let me rearrange their home to take pictures, let me make their house feel like a tropical rain forest, and for the ice cold coke. Congrats, guys. He is a beautiful boy, you are a beautiful family, and enjoy your sneak!

brandy & co.

Happy birthday, Jack! And as you very well know, dear reader, when my newbies celebrate their 1st birthday, it's just so bittersweet to me. Little Jack was one of the sweetest newborns, and watching him grow up this past year has been such an honor. And, like all sessions before this one, Grammy and Papa Jeff (from Houston) were able to attend the photo session (and Grammy actually made Jack's gingham birthday romper; how amazing is she!?!?). When you work with a family a few times a year, it's almost like they become your family. I'm literally seconds away from adopting Grammy and Papa J as my own, and Brandy and Randy could not be more laid back. Especially when their photographer tells them that their confirmed 10 o'clock appointment is at 9 o'clock. Even though she already has a 9 o'clock scheduled. Oy. Or when one of the ballooons in the balloon bouquet pops. And then the othe four decide to fly away. Or when their adorable son decides that his fists aren't quite doing the job of smashing the cake, so he lays his entire leg in it ... Guys, it has been a remarkable year. I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of working with you. Thank you for giving me the honor of capturing Jack throughout his first year. Enjoy your sneaky!

michelle & co.

Kellan and Campbell met me Sunday morning for some Sibling Shots. I first worked with Kellan when "Pister" (how he pronounces "sister") was in Mama's belly. And then again when Pister made her debut. What fun it is now that Miss Campbell is old enough to join in the action! Michelle brought along an adorable box that she found the two playing in the other day. And when it was time to sit in the box, both kids giggled and smiled so sweetly at each other, and then spontaneous snuggling was rampant. Too cute. In addition to the box, Michelle brought along a rocking horse that Kellan's great-grandmother painted for him. The blue-eyed boy has grown very fond of the horse, and he had tons-o-fun rocking on it for the camera! With the promise of a new car (Mater, for those keeping track at home), Kellan was Mr. Cooperative during the session. And little Pister rallied at the end to take some very, very sweet shots for me. Love these two. Love their eyes. And love that they are so in love with each other. Thanks for a great shoot, guys! Enjoy your sneaky, and I hope Kellan got that car!

kathryn & co.

Kate was so very great. This soon-to-be-10 month old stopped by the studio this past weekend. She brought with her her Mommy and Daddy. Who just happened to be the very first "big gig" I booked two years ago when I was just starting out. They had a destination wedding, but had their reception for friends and family here. It was a lovely affair, and I was so very honored that they chose me to document it. Fast forward two years later, and I was even more honored that they chose me to capture their little Kate. With a gorgeous head of hair, the brightest of eyes and the sweetest of smiles, she played with me for an hour. Laughing, giggling and just enjoying being the center of attention. Also joining the session were her beyond doting grandparents, who are clearly Kate Fans. Two years ago, I took pics of Kate's cousins, George Downy and Cecy (who live out of state), and I am looking forward to our November session when all the cousins will be together. Guys, congrats on such a beautifully even-tempered little girl. She was so much fun, and it was so great seeing you again! Enjoy the sneak!

suzie & co.

Pretty little Brooke. She and her pretty sweet parents dropped by this weekend for the tot's one year portraits. Sweet really doesn't begin to describe Miss Brooke. This was my second time to work with her, and like the first, she knows how to work the camera. My favorite part of the session was when we went outside for some floppy knit hat shots. She started playing peek-a-boo with the camera and flashed the biggest grins ... I take that back, my favorite part of the session was when she started lunging for me to hold her during the session. She just couldn't get enough haute shot snuggling ... I take it back. My favorite part of the session was when Suzie pulled out a dress she had worn for her first birthday, and we put it on Brooke ... I take it back. My favorite part of the session was when Suzie read a book to Brooke, penned by herself, all about Brooke. There were even a few pics of them from our last session together ... Ok fine: my favorite part of the session was the session. Guys, thanks so much for letting me be a part of this wonderful milestone in Sweet Girl's life. It was an honor and so much fun. Enjoy your sneak, and kissies to Brookie!

Friday, July 16, 2010

kristin & co.

It's impossible to believe that a year ago this very month, I was in the lovely home of Kristin and Chad, meeting them for the first time to take newbie pics of their little princess, Madison. Since then, I've worked with the family what seems like every other month. Watching Madison grow up from a tiny newborn cuddling with the Italian Nana, to an almost walking and definitely talking one year old has been bittersweet. In traditional Kristin fashion, she brought over a truck load of amazing props. As she and The Chad were unloading the back of their SUV, they looked like FAO Schwarz delivery persons. My kids were so excited ... and so was I! Up at 5 a.m., and already with a two hour nap under her belt, Miss Madison Paige rocked the camera. And just as things started to take a tearful turn, Kristin whipped out The Cake, and all was right in Madison's world. Kristin and Chad, it's been an amazing year! Thank you, so very much, for allowing haute shot to be a part of so many milestone's in Madison's life. Thank you for an amazing session, and bring on The Sample Sale, K!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

beth & co.

I've worked with Beth and her family a few times now. Usually Beth will bring along a friend/assistant extraordinnaire to help with changing the childrens' outfits, making them smile, etc. Because yesterday's session was a rain check, and during the week, Beth and Chris came on their own. With, of course, the adorable Emme, Peyton and Logan. And without a Smile Assistant on hand to help, Beth made me smile! At one point we both performed an icredibly moving duet to "You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile" ... And then it was stuck in my head the rest of the day! As always, the twin girls (3 years) and baby brother Logan (18 months) kept me on my toes, and were such sweeties in spite of the humidity and muddy grass! The highlight of the session, for me, was when Beth asked Peyton what she was saving her money for (I was baking on lollipops or baby dolls). With a grin from ear to ear, 3 year old Peyton giggled, "College!" If that isn't one for the books, I don't know what is! Beth and Chris, as always, it was so much fun! Thanks for bringing the gang along for a fun-filled hour! And kisses to those cuties!

hayley & co.

Hayley, Hayley, Hayley. It's so hard not to love Hayley. Barbie Doll looks aside, she's such a genuinely nice person. She never has a negative thing to say about anyone. And believe me, I've tried. Over frou-frou drinks on a GNO, I've tried. But as beautiful as she is on the outside, she's more so on the inside. And living inside her now, is a little boy whom I can't wait to meet in a few months. Nor can my camera. Hayley and Geegee (H's mom and soon-to-be-Sawyer's grandmother) came over the other day for a maternity session. I've know Hayley for a few years now. And over those years, she's become a very good one. Aside from being as sweet as they come, she laughs at all of my jokes. I mean, really, really laughs. In fact, after our session the other day, when she (and Sawyer) were belly laughing after everything I said, I was seriously thinking about trying out for next year's Last Comic Standing ... she's the best audience. And one of the sweetest subjects. It was next to impossible for her to not smile during the entire shoot ... I'm not kidding. She just exuded happiness from within, and it's pretty impossible not to feel it when you're with her. And I, like so many others, am so happy for her and Adam and the little boy they will soon welcome. She's a fantastic friend, so amazing with children, and I have no doubt whatsoever, she'll be an incredible Mommy. And something tells me, even through 3 o'clock feedings and round-the-clock diaper changes, she'll be smiling the entire time. Hayley and Geegee, thanks for coming out to see me! It was so much fun, such an honor, and enjoy your sneaky to the peeky!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

sunday & co.

My youngest sister, the one with the chocolate brown locks and powder blue eyes that have melted my heart since she was a tot, has a song that sums up the last 6 years of her life. It's new to the airwaves. Haunting. And gives me a glimpse into a world I didn't know she lived in ... and this breaks the same heart which she's always melted. The last few months have been impossibly hard for her. Within a month's span, she found herself back on the Dating Block. And then she lost her beloved Reese (her 6 year old boxer, named after my sister's Hollywood look-alike). But, as is always the case with my youngest sister, she makes the hardest situations in life seem easy. Ridiculously independent, and with the resolve of another woman with chocolate brown locks and powder blue eyes (whom we both call Mama), my sister doesn't like to dwell on the negative. And nothing could sum that up more than this photo session. Last year at this time, we were in a field of wildflowers with her Then Family. Fast forward 11 months, and it was very important to her that we shoot her Now Family: her new puppy, Millie, who could never replace Reese, but has certainly filled a void and inspired so much love; and her just turned 5 year old son, Kelton Patrick. My Kelto. As much as I worry about my sister and all that life has brought her, I worry most for my K. But then I see him snuggling up to his Millie after having defended a teddy bear and a race car from the evil alien, or having a tender moment with his Mama after arguing with her that he likes Cold Dogs ... not Hot ... and I realize that all the things that make me so proud of Trish, are so evident in him. He's such a strong boy, full of life and mischief ... and he has handled the last few months as gracefully and as beautifully as his Mama. My sister has this game she created, and has played, most of her life. I think it started when she was 9 or 10, and going through the most incredibly awkward Tween Years one could imagine. It's called, "What's Your Favorite Thing about Me?" She will ask this in the middle of Thanksgiving Dinner, to the cashier who just rang up her groceries, her co-workers ... basically anyone. My family and I tease her to no end about it, and we all roll our eyes whenever she asks to play... and then we play along. Like most people who meet my sister, and then fall instantly love with her, I have so many favorite things about her. The fact that she still plays that game, 20 years later, for one thing; how she walks into a room of complete strangers and leaves with vacation plans with all of them; ... Too many to list, and this post has gone on entirely too long. But I'll end with this. I have a song for my sister. It's not the one she played for me all weekend .. it's one I've had for her for years. I would hear it on the radio and imagine her making the drive from Abilene to Lubbock on the long interstate to attend Texas Tech. I have always felt it summed up her desire to grow up, be on her own, and to live life to the fullest ... and now that same song takes on an entirely new meaning when I hear it, and I love it for her even more. And when I hear it now, I think of her on a much different road, headed somewhere far away from where she's been, yet back to where she first started: "Who doesn't know what I'm talking about? Who's never left home, who's never struck out, To find a dream and a life of their own. A place in the clouds, a foundation of stone ... Many precede and many will follow. A young girl's dream no longer hollow. It takes the shape of a place out west But what it holds for her, she hasn't yet guessed ..." I love you, Sunday. Enjoy your sneaky.