Thursday, July 22, 2010

chelsea & co.

Chelsea is a photographer from the San Antonio area whose husband happened to be in Dallas this week on business. Realizing she is always behind the camera (and never in front) with her own daughter, she booked a 6 Month Mommy/Daughter session with me. Kherington, obviously, is no stranger to the camera. And with her piercing blue eyes and creamy white chubbiness, she was a dream. We captured some very sweet Mommy and Me moments, especially at the end, but here are some of my other faves. I just loved Kherington's eyes against the blue rug. Truth be told, I loved Kherington's eyes against anything. Chelsea brought along a little cowboy hat and cow-inspired diaper cover for some cowgirl pics (Chelsea & Co. live on a ranch, to which my fam has been invited next time we're in the San Antone area). The session was fast and so much fun. It's always a bit nerve racking photographing a fellow photographer. But Chelsea made is so easy! Thanks so much for coming out to see us, Chels. Hope the drive back wasn't too bad. Enjoy your sneaky!

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  1. I'm so thrilled! We had a blast and it was nice to finally meet you after feeling like I've known you all this time. Can't wait to see them all! THANKS!