Sunday, August 1, 2010

luvy & co.

Luvy, Chris and Sophia stopped by the studio on Saturday for a faboosh maternity session. Luvy, absolutely adorable with her petite frame and prego belly, is due with Miss Rose in approximately 5 weeks. I've worked with Luvy & Co. a handful of times now, and I simply adore this family. And Miss Sophia? At 3, she's so sweet, so fun, and is Too. Cute. For. Words. She's very shy, very intelligent, but she definitely has a silly side. And I have no doubt that she will make a fantastic older sister to Rose. I absolutely love maternity sessions for a second child. The bond that the parents share with their first born is palpable. And the little family of 3 that they have created and established will forever change with the arrival of the second. As a parent, you know how much you love your first born, and you almost can't imagine loving another child as much. But then the second that second child is placed in your arms, you literally wonder how you ever considered your family of three complete. I am so excited for you, Luvy. You have a beautiful family, and I thank you for sharing them with me. I can not wait to meet the addition in the fall, and I wish you the best of luck these last few weeks. Besos to Sophia (and I hope she enjoyed her lunch @ Chuck's!).

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