Sunday, August 29, 2010

susan & co.

Six of my favorite people came out to play with me this weekend. And I say play, because Kerry and Susan's kids do just that. Oh sure, they'll pose for me on command, but they'll also go on Toad Patrol, catch frogs, skip stones and end the session barefoot in the creek, thoroughly splashing each other (and keeping me in stitches). Abby, Parker, Grace and Claire (13, 11, 9, and 6 respectively) are just the right amount of sugar, spice, snips, snails and a pinch of sass. Parker was fresh from his first school dance the night before. Where, dear reader, he won the Dance Off! He was too shy to show me his moves, no doubt because I kept calling him Parker Bieber the entire morning (he was sporting a new 'do that was Justin B inspired). His sisters were just as much fun and were such great assistants! Oh, and FYI, jelly shoes are all the rage now. Just ask Claire. Susan recently lost her braces, so we couldn't help but take a few pics of the lovely mama solo (facebook!). It is always so much fun with this family, and I was seriously thinking of hijacking their lunch plans and joining them. Susan, thanks so much for the morning fun! Hope the kids dried off quickly .... and enjoy your sneaky!

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