Sunday, August 29, 2010

ashley & co.

Sweet little Michael. Fresh from a morning nap that he had lately given up, the blue eyed boy was all smiles for his one year portraits! While not a fan of chairs taller than him, he did love the vintage blue rocker I brought along, as well as the suitcases and blocks. But honestly, this Nature Lover would have been content to sit in the park and observe. Or collect leaves. And sticks. He clearly loved being outside, and he made my job so very easy! Ashley and Jeff brought along a few outfit changes and Michael's beloved stuffed puppy. Literally the size of him, he loves snuggling with it at home. Or his Mommy. The doting mama had to be within arm's reach of the tot, which was so cute. And made me miss my own mama's boy at home. Poor Jeff was quite the trooper, having pulled his back out a few days prior. But that didn't stop him from playing Smile Maker Assistant for me. Funny story (at least to me): at the beginning of the shoot, when introductions were being made, Jeff looked at me quizzically and said, "Zindler? Do you know a Stephen Zindler?" Confirming that I did indeed know the man (otherwise known as the Haute Hubs), Jeff went on to share that a little after college, they met through a mutual friend and decided to take a road trip together to Austin to see a football game. Once in Austin, they parted ways, only to meet up again on Sunday to drive home. Completely random story, such a small world, and Jeff assured me that there were no stories that might land the Hubs in haute water ... Guys, thanks so much for an amazingly sweet session! Michael was an absolute doll, and I wish you all a wonderful second year together! Thanks so much, and enjoy the sneak!

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