Sunday, August 29, 2010

jen & co.

Her name is Jennifer, and she goes by Jennifer or Jen. With one N. She's married to Shawn, and together they have two of the prettiest little boys. Ever. When Big Brother Grayson walked in to the studio, I was immediately taken by his delicious buttery locks. And then he looked at me, with his huge blue eyes and ridiculous dark eyelashes. And then he sat down. Pulled out a coloring book and crayons, and quietly colored. When it was time to take pictures with the fam, he obliged, and then occupied himself by playing with his Batman and Superman figures. Absolutely amazing. And little Graham could not have been sweeter. At 4 weeks, I can already tell he'll have the same beautiful eyes that Grayson does. He loved when Big Brother played "This Little Piggy", and he absolutely loved to snuggle. And, unlike most newbies, he loved to pose in his birthday suit! Little Graham woke his parents up every two hours the night before, but both Jen and Shawn were relaxed, patient and so very sweet. And I learned that the family will be dressing up as Toy Story characters this year; Shawn will be Woody, Jen will be Jessie, Grayson will be Buzz, and little Graham will be Dr. Porkchop. How sweet is that? Shawn and Jen, congrats on another beautiful boy. I hope Mr. Grayson got his ice cream on the way home, and enjoy your sneak!

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