Wednesday, August 11, 2010

nicole & co.

Sweet baby Jett. Jett Ryder, for those collecting faboosh baby names at home. He and his hipster hip parents came by the studio yesterday for his newbie session. Jett was literally a week old. And acted nothing like it. Advanced beyond his newbie status, Mr. Jett was rocking the camera like a 6 week old. A snuggle bug in the truest sense of the word, we put the little guy to work! Nicole (who is big sis to the lovely Hayley and soon-to-be-auntie to the little Sawyer) and Jeff brought along a ton of cute little props. My favorite, I think, was a brand new deck of cards. Rumor has it that Jeff likes to play a few hands of poker. From time to time. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Anywho, he wanted to incorporate that into the newbie session. Not sure if Jett was bluffing, and I know you're not supposed to show your hand so early, but my goodness does that boy know how to hold a card! Nicole had had a rough night with little Jett the night before, but you never would have known it. Beautiful and calm radiated from the new mama, and it was so sweet to see how much she and her little boy have already bonded in one week! GeeGee rounded out the entourage, and she is clearly smitten with the boy. As am I. Guys, thanks for your patience, your ideas and congrats on your beautiful boy!

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