Sunday, August 1, 2010

meredith & co.

Sweet little Lilly came by the studio on Saturday for her much anticipated One Year Photo Session. Which her mama, Meredith, had been planning since her Newbie Photo Session a year ago. I actually thought this shoot was going to be rescheduled, because the night before I got an email from Meredith saying that Lilly had dislocated her elbow. Ouch. But the next day the little tot woke up happy and rested, and the shoot went on. Lilly was all about crawling and exploring the studio, and she was such a trooper during our outfit changes (for those keeping score at home, Meredith had the smash cake decorated to match the bloomers L wore for that sequence. Brilliant). Meredith and T-Toby-Troy-T brought a few props for the session; most notably, the vintage rocker Meredith used when she was a little girl. Meredith and Kristin are BFF's, and I swear they could totally open their own speciality frou-frou boutique. They both come to these sessions with such amazing outfits that I openly covet and secretly wonder how I could convince the hubs to have one more baby, just so I could dress her up in all of L and M's hand-me-downs. After the photo shoot, Miss Lil was off to celebrate her birthday with friends and family amidst lady bugs, catepillars and butterflies. Guys, it's been a remarkable year. Thank you for sharing your Lilly Girl with me, and I look forward to watching her grow up as a one year old!

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