Tuesday, August 24, 2010

jenny & co.

Lilah Blue. Just dances off the tongue doesn't it? I honestly couldn't think of a prettier name for such a pretty little girl. A few days shy of 8 months, she and her parents stopped by for a photo shoot ... on their way to Houston for a last minute family gathering of sorts. With his pink bowling shirt, hipster glasses and watch, I would not at all have been surprised if Mike had answered, "Rock star" in response to my "What do you do?" And with her sparkling eyes and porcelain skin, it's clear to see where Miss Lilah gets some of her beauty! And Lilah Blue ... she had me at her cheeks, dear reader. And then she smiled, her chocolate brown eyes sparkled, and I was a goner. Such a sweet, sweet baby girl, and she posed like a pro for an entire hour! Before Mom and Dad loaded her back up and headed South ... with a trip to Buckeye's for the world famous banana bread, I hope. Guys, it was so much fun. I adore your girl. Thank you for sharing her with me, and enjoy your sneaky!

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