Tuesday, August 24, 2010

lauren & co.

Welcome to the world, sweet little Alec. Just 5 days old, he and his older sibs stopped by for a newbie session this past weekend. I don't know what it is, but I have had a stretch of newbies who just won't sleep for me. None of my tricks seem to work on these summer babies! Which I actually don't mind, as they definitely give me some amazing gazes that just melt your heart. Alec was no exception. And watching big sister Ava mother him was just as heartwarming. She literally gazed at him when she was holding him, spontaneously kissing his head and singing lullabies in his ear. Big Bro Asher, however: Not. So. Much. He was much more interested in the vintage truck he found in the studio, as well as the vintage lollipop his mama found in her purse (the last shot in this post is one of my new faves; a quiet, spontaneous moment that pretty much summed up all three's personalities that day). And once that lollipop found it's way in to his mouth (and all over his face), the sweetness came out. He shared with Ava, smiled from ear to ear, and I'm fairly certain was about to share with Alec, had mama not intervened. Cary, daddy to all three of these adorable babies, is one of the hubs' BFFs. And his beautiful wife, Lauren, is one of my most favorite people. She brings a lovely calm to his craziness (he's got Steve Carrel beat on funniest guy in the office), and it was so wonderful catching up with her between shots. A beautiful boy, a gorgeous family, and such an honor to document this special time in their lives. Mazel tov, guys, and enjoy your sneak!

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