Monday, April 27, 2009

debbie & co.

Debbie contacted me a while back for a senior portrait session with her daughter, Taryn. All of our communication, actually, was via email. So when we met for the first time face-to-face yesterday, the first thing out of Debbie's mouth was, "I wasn't expecting someone so young." So young. Needless to say, I fell in love with her on the spot. And my affection for her only grew as I got to know the lovely Taryn and equally handsome Garrett (T's younger brother whom Debbie brought along to play my assistant). Taryn wants to be a doctor when she grows up, and Garrett wants to be an architect. Taryn graduates this May, yet she has already put in 40 hours of college hours at a local college. And Mr. Garrett is a sophomore in high school, but has already started logging in the college credits, too. And Debbie, while running a successful interior design business, still manages to home school her three children. Clearly the word average does not define this family. Taryn is drop-dead gorgeous with the most amazing hazel eyes. I know she will have nothing but success in her future. It was so much fun working with this dynamic, amazing group, and I look forward to meeting the rest of the family this summer for some family pics. Thanks for the great session, guys; Taryn, enjoy your sneaky!

dally & co.

I was supposed to meet Dally and Trey this past fall for some post-wedding Mr. & Mrs. pics. They were married in Wichita Falls in November and wanted some additional pics amidst the Dallas fall foliage. Sadly, we had to reschedule that session. For next year. But Dally decided spring pics at the Arboretum would suffice for now, so yesterday I was finally able to meet this very sweet couple. Literally still in that honeymoon phase, they were just adorable; they were open to all of my ideas (and even had a few of their own!). Spontaneous, sweet and so much fun. I remember Dally's sister, Luvy, telling me that her youngest sister was crazy fun. Dally did not disappoint. And kudos to Trey for being such a sport throughout our entire shoot. Rumor has it that he lwas done posing after five minutes at their engagement session. We shot for almost an hour yesterday, and I think he could have easily smiled with his lovely bride for another four. Dally and Trey, you guys are so meant for each other, so much fun, and I simply can't wait for our fall session! Congrats, and enjoy your sneak!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

kristy & co.

The last time I saw Kristy and her boys, Nathan had just turned one, Dylan was a few weeks old, and Bryan was tending to Harley. This morning I was beyond thrilled to reunite with two of the sweetest little boys. Ever. Today Nathan was The Ham, and Dylan was Mr. Snuggler. And somehow we managed to snap a few shots of two little boys, under two, sitting still and smiling. Such sweethearts, and it was so much fun! And fast. I think they were in and out within 45 minutes . . . which was 44 minutes longer than Bryan wanted. I kid, I kid. Bryan, you were so patient, and Kristy, it was great seeing you guys again! Thanks so much for coming out; I can't believe how much they've changed! Enjoy your sneak (and give a scratch behind the ear to Harley for me!).

crystal & co.

Yesterday little Miss Madison came to see me for a fun-filled one year portrait session. And this tiny tot had quite the entourage: accompanying the birthday girl were her Aunt Crystal, her doting Nana, Miss Paige, and Mr. Jackson (her equally adorable 2 year old cousin) . . . and a smashing wardrobe. The cousins were so sweet with each other, and looked more like brother and sister with their matching dimples and amazing eyes (physical traits photographers like me can't get enough of!). The cuties made my job very easy, and Crystal made it oh-so entertaining; seriously, Crystal, you could perform the whole Dinosaur bit at kids' parties! Jackson was all smiles, and Madison was beyond hilarious when it came time for birthday cake. She gingerly put her fingers in the icing, stared at it for a few seconds, played with it for a few more, and then decided she wanted none of it. At all. That was certainly a first for me! Crystal, thanks for bringing the wee ones out to see me, and thanks to Nana and Paige for all the help. It was lots of fun, and enjoy your sneak!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

nathan & co.

Nate. Ndawg. Nateman. N. He'll answer to all of the above, but you can call him Nathan. This JT look-alike came to see me yesterday with his haute mama, Debra. Nathan graduated from high school this past October (can someone say "over achiever"?). He's already got one semester of college under his belt, and Debra wanted some senior pictures of her baby boy (even if they were a few months late). Nathan is the son of Dean, and I definitely noticed the resemblance between father and son, especially in the eyes. Debra was the doting mama and such a great help when it came time to hold up the diffuser! I had so much fun with this senior/college kid, and he could not have been more polite! Seriously, such a sweetie, and up for all my ideas. Debra and Nathan, thanks so much for coming out to see me. Enjoy your sneak!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

kelli & co.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing a very sweet mama of one (and one on the way--in 8 days!) for a maternity session. Mama Kelli, big brother Carter and beyond doting Nana came out to see me for some belly pics, and the session could not have been easier. Or more entertaining. Carter was ever the professional during his segment of the shoot, and when we were through with him, he and Nana went to munch on goldfish and watch some Noggin. I even got him to pose for a few inividual shots at the end, by bribing him with more of the snack! Kelli was so much fun and up for anything. She brought along a few outfits, a few ideas and her great sense of humor. I think we were both laughing the entire session. Carter is going to have a baby sister in 8 days, and judging by the way he was so sweet with his mama, I know he's going to be just as tender with baby Caroline. Nana, you were such a help! And Kelli, thank you for letting me capture this very special time in your lives. It was an honor, and I wish you the best of luck in the next week! Blessings, and enjoy your sneak!

Monday, April 20, 2009

kaleigh & co.

My final session of the weekend was with Miss Kaleigh. She was my first senior to show up for a Senior Session all by herself. And she brought 1.5 outfit changes. A no-nonsense young lady with the loveliest brown eyes and sweetest smile. Kaleigh will graduate next month and then will be off to a college near and dear to my heart: Hardin Simmon University, located in Abilene, Texas. I am from Abilene, and my brother and sister-in-law graduated from HSU. Small world, indeed. As we drove to our different locations, I learned that Kaleigh plays the saxaphone in her high school band, is not a fan of sushi, wants to be a physical therapist for children "when she grows up", loves to travel, and is pretty sure that her mama is heartbroken over her graduation (Kaleigh + college = empty nest). She also has some cute quirks. I told her to bring along her prom dress, which she did. We were going to get some shots near the creek outside, but the session prior (with the muddy shoes) made me scared to take any chances with the prom dress (which won't be worn again until May 9th), so we only did a few, in one single spot. I asked her what shoes she was wearing with her lovely gown (because any heel longer than 1/2 inch would have surely sunk), and she showed me her lime green converse sneakers, peeking out from beneath her dress. Quirky. And adorable. Kaleigh was so laid back during our session, up for anything, and I see nothing but success for this lovely, intelligent young woman. Kaleigh, the best of luck to you in the future, thank you for such a fun session, and if you ever want to know anything about Abilene, I'm your girl!

nicole & co.

My maternity session with Nicole and David was originally scheduled for a month ago. But on the morning of the shoot, Nicole woke up with pink eye. Obviously not a good look for pictures. So when she walked in yesterday, all I could think was, "Thank goodness we are shooting a month later!" With 4 weeks to spare, this mama-to-be was so tiny! I think I would have had a hard time making her look preggers a month ago. At the last minute, when I noticed that everything outside was so green, I thought we should take some shots outside; they were game. Even when the ground proved to be so very muddy (it dawned on me, in that very awkward moment, that everything was so green because of the rain from the night before). While Nicole went to change for the indoor shots, and as David and I cleaned the mud-caked shoes, he told me the story of Them. They knew of each other in college, but never knew each other. After they had graduated, mutual friends wanted to set them up. He fell for her immediately, and then spent some time "wearing her down" until she realized that he was the One. Truly, such a fun, fun couple. They were up for anything and so open to all my suggestions, which always makes for an easy session. I must point out that David had attended the Jimmy Buffet concert the night before, and he had a golf game after our session. But he was not in a hurry and made it clear that posing with his two girls (they are expecting a baby girl next month!) was the top priority of the day. Wow. I personally enjoyed his interpretation of the Kissing Belly pose (see below; I think we can call this Zerberting Belly). Nicole and David, you guys were soooo much fun! I can tell that you are going to be a fantastic parenting team, and your little girl will be so loved. Congrats, and thanks for letting me be a part of this beautiful time in your lives!

jenny & co.

Saturday afternoon Jenny, Patrick, Camille and baby Ford came to see me. Ford. The name alone is enough to make me think my two little ones need another sibling. Such a sweet baby boy. And big sis has always been a delight. She is not yet four, but she always gives me the greatest contemplative, off camera gazes. Such a deep thinker, that one. And Jenny and Patrick were as sweet as ever. This was my third time to work with them. The main goal of this session was to get a picture of Ford wearing an heirloom baptismal gown. Camille wore it when she was a baby, Patrick wore it when he was, his mother wore it when she was, her mother wore it when she was, and her parent before her . . . the line of ancestry gets a bit blurry from there, but obviously this was a very special gown. Here are a few sneakys of one of the sweetest families. I'd like to point out that, at 7 weeks, Ford was very sweet and calm, especially in his mommy and daddy's arms. And Miss Camille was so patient. She loved posing for me, especially by herself. At the end of the session, when we were trying to get some sweet sibling shots, Ford had decided he was done. We kept trying to calm him between shots, and Camille was still ready to pose, down to the last minute. But after a few minutes, when it was clear Ford was done-done, this is the expression I caught from Camille. In no way a reflection of how she feels about baby Ford (she gave him the bunny she played with as a baby, for heaven's sake). But this picture makes me smile each and every time I see it. Such a "How do these people expect me to work with this" expression! Jenny and Patrick, congratulations on the perfect addition to your picture perfect family! It's always a pleasure seeing you guys!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

nicole & co.

I spent Saturday morning with 5 little ones. 5. As the oldest of 5 children, I felt right at home. Nicole and her sister-in-law wanted to surprise their mother-in-law with a Cousins Pic. Since two of the cousins were in from Atlanta, timing was key. The kids ranged in age from less than one year to 7. And they could not have been more cooperative. And special thanks to the grown-ups who tagged along to play Wranglers! As you can see by each and everyone of these beauties, good looks run rampant in that family. And do not get me started on the curls on those girls and sweet little Joseph! Or Miss Natalie's eyes (they are exquisitely haunting, in any light). Nicole, I know you have been anxiously awaiting your sneak. I'm still editing the group shots, but here are a few of the individuals. Enjoy, and thanks so much for bringing the crew out! You are a very good daughter-in-law, indeed!

andie & co.

Friday afternoon Andie and Jason came to visit me. And they brought along one of the most angelic little boys. Meet Tucker. And believe me when I say, I'm in love with this boy. At 6 weeks, he was such a calm little baby. And strong. He literally rolled over, unassisted, during one of our tummy poses! He loved all of my soft blankies, he loved being held by his mama and daddy, and oh how the camera loved him! This is usally a tricky age to photograph, but Tucker could not have been easier. Calm must run in the family, because Andie and Jason could not have been more relaxed, which made for a great session. Thanks, guys, for coming out to see me! He is such a handsome little man, and it was an honor. Enjoy your sneak!