Monday, April 20, 2009

jenny & co.

Saturday afternoon Jenny, Patrick, Camille and baby Ford came to see me. Ford. The name alone is enough to make me think my two little ones need another sibling. Such a sweet baby boy. And big sis has always been a delight. She is not yet four, but she always gives me the greatest contemplative, off camera gazes. Such a deep thinker, that one. And Jenny and Patrick were as sweet as ever. This was my third time to work with them. The main goal of this session was to get a picture of Ford wearing an heirloom baptismal gown. Camille wore it when she was a baby, Patrick wore it when he was, his mother wore it when she was, her mother wore it when she was, and her parent before her . . . the line of ancestry gets a bit blurry from there, but obviously this was a very special gown. Here are a few sneakys of one of the sweetest families. I'd like to point out that, at 7 weeks, Ford was very sweet and calm, especially in his mommy and daddy's arms. And Miss Camille was so patient. She loved posing for me, especially by herself. At the end of the session, when we were trying to get some sweet sibling shots, Ford had decided he was done. We kept trying to calm him between shots, and Camille was still ready to pose, down to the last minute. But after a few minutes, when it was clear Ford was done-done, this is the expression I caught from Camille. In no way a reflection of how she feels about baby Ford (she gave him the bunny she played with as a baby, for heaven's sake). But this picture makes me smile each and every time I see it. Such a "How do these people expect me to work with this" expression! Jenny and Patrick, congratulations on the perfect addition to your picture perfect family! It's always a pleasure seeing you guys!

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  1. The gown looks so white and crisp!