Saturday, April 25, 2009

kristy & co.

The last time I saw Kristy and her boys, Nathan had just turned one, Dylan was a few weeks old, and Bryan was tending to Harley. This morning I was beyond thrilled to reunite with two of the sweetest little boys. Ever. Today Nathan was The Ham, and Dylan was Mr. Snuggler. And somehow we managed to snap a few shots of two little boys, under two, sitting still and smiling. Such sweethearts, and it was so much fun! And fast. I think they were in and out within 45 minutes . . . which was 44 minutes longer than Bryan wanted. I kid, I kid. Bryan, you were so patient, and Kristy, it was great seeing you guys again! Thanks so much for coming out; I can't believe how much they've changed! Enjoy your sneak (and give a scratch behind the ear to Harley for me!).

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