Saturday, April 25, 2009

crystal & co.

Yesterday little Miss Madison came to see me for a fun-filled one year portrait session. And this tiny tot had quite the entourage: accompanying the birthday girl were her Aunt Crystal, her doting Nana, Miss Paige, and Mr. Jackson (her equally adorable 2 year old cousin) . . . and a smashing wardrobe. The cousins were so sweet with each other, and looked more like brother and sister with their matching dimples and amazing eyes (physical traits photographers like me can't get enough of!). The cuties made my job very easy, and Crystal made it oh-so entertaining; seriously, Crystal, you could perform the whole Dinosaur bit at kids' parties! Jackson was all smiles, and Madison was beyond hilarious when it came time for birthday cake. She gingerly put her fingers in the icing, stared at it for a few seconds, played with it for a few more, and then decided she wanted none of it. At all. That was certainly a first for me! Crystal, thanks for bringing the wee ones out to see me, and thanks to Nana and Paige for all the help. It was lots of fun, and enjoy your sneak!

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