Sunday, April 19, 2009

nicole & co.

I spent Saturday morning with 5 little ones. 5. As the oldest of 5 children, I felt right at home. Nicole and her sister-in-law wanted to surprise their mother-in-law with a Cousins Pic. Since two of the cousins were in from Atlanta, timing was key. The kids ranged in age from less than one year to 7. And they could not have been more cooperative. And special thanks to the grown-ups who tagged along to play Wranglers! As you can see by each and everyone of these beauties, good looks run rampant in that family. And do not get me started on the curls on those girls and sweet little Joseph! Or Miss Natalie's eyes (they are exquisitely haunting, in any light). Nicole, I know you have been anxiously awaiting your sneak. I'm still editing the group shots, but here are a few of the individuals. Enjoy, and thanks so much for bringing the crew out! You are a very good daughter-in-law, indeed!

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