Monday, April 20, 2009

nicole & co.

My maternity session with Nicole and David was originally scheduled for a month ago. But on the morning of the shoot, Nicole woke up with pink eye. Obviously not a good look for pictures. So when she walked in yesterday, all I could think was, "Thank goodness we are shooting a month later!" With 4 weeks to spare, this mama-to-be was so tiny! I think I would have had a hard time making her look preggers a month ago. At the last minute, when I noticed that everything outside was so green, I thought we should take some shots outside; they were game. Even when the ground proved to be so very muddy (it dawned on me, in that very awkward moment, that everything was so green because of the rain from the night before). While Nicole went to change for the indoor shots, and as David and I cleaned the mud-caked shoes, he told me the story of Them. They knew of each other in college, but never knew each other. After they had graduated, mutual friends wanted to set them up. He fell for her immediately, and then spent some time "wearing her down" until she realized that he was the One. Truly, such a fun, fun couple. They were up for anything and so open to all my suggestions, which always makes for an easy session. I must point out that David had attended the Jimmy Buffet concert the night before, and he had a golf game after our session. But he was not in a hurry and made it clear that posing with his two girls (they are expecting a baby girl next month!) was the top priority of the day. Wow. I personally enjoyed his interpretation of the Kissing Belly pose (see below; I think we can call this Zerberting Belly). Nicole and David, you guys were soooo much fun! I can tell that you are going to be a fantastic parenting team, and your little girl will be so loved. Congrats, and thanks for letting me be a part of this beautiful time in your lives!

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