Monday, April 27, 2009

dally & co.

I was supposed to meet Dally and Trey this past fall for some post-wedding Mr. & Mrs. pics. They were married in Wichita Falls in November and wanted some additional pics amidst the Dallas fall foliage. Sadly, we had to reschedule that session. For next year. But Dally decided spring pics at the Arboretum would suffice for now, so yesterday I was finally able to meet this very sweet couple. Literally still in that honeymoon phase, they were just adorable; they were open to all of my ideas (and even had a few of their own!). Spontaneous, sweet and so much fun. I remember Dally's sister, Luvy, telling me that her youngest sister was crazy fun. Dally did not disappoint. And kudos to Trey for being such a sport throughout our entire shoot. Rumor has it that he lwas done posing after five minutes at their engagement session. We shot for almost an hour yesterday, and I think he could have easily smiled with his lovely bride for another four. Dally and Trey, you guys are so meant for each other, so much fun, and I simply can't wait for our fall session! Congrats, and enjoy your sneak!

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