Thursday, September 30, 2010

kristy & co.

Boys will be boys. And in Kristy's case, this is definitely true. Mrs. to the always funny Bryan, mama to brothers Nathan and Dylan (who are both two at the moment, although Nathan will turn three shortly), mama to the four legged Harley, and mama to the soon-to-be baby Brother to brothers Nathan and Dylan. Boys, boys, boys. Lucky for Kristy, and me, she keeps company with some of the sweetest boys around. Harley did his very best to pose with the growing fam, Bryan (as always) was fun and kept the boys laughing, and the boys ... Oh, the boys. Could they be any cuter? Kristy brought along a second change of clothes for them (and some adorable vintage fire trucks), which was full blown Cowboy inspired. Complete with brand new cowboy hats that the boys will get to wear with Grandpa on the ranch. But just the boys. Because, as Nathan likes to point out, "girls can't be cowboys." When I first met this family, little Dylan was literally just that; four weeks, I think. Two years later, Kristy is still as calm and laid back about everything, and the family is just as fun. Sooo excited to meet the new boy early next year, and so happy for this family. Special thanks to Aunt Julia for coming out to play Harley's helper (and for evening out the gender field a bit ...). Thanks, guys, for another great session! Congrats, and enjoy your sneak!

april & co.

Ah, Cowey. My little boy is 1. This was such a bittersweet session for me. I used to live across the street from this beautiful boy. And I got to see him every day. And now that we're a few zip codes apart, I don't get too see him as often as I'd like. But that doesn't seem to matter. When he sees me, with or without the monstrosity of a camera I carry around, he flashes me the biggest smile. And then we play. And I watch my own babies play with him. And make him laugh so hard that his creamy white cheeks turn as red as his lips, and his amazing blue eyes fill up with tears. Pure belly laughing at it's finest. I love everything about this boy. His little rolls. His curly blond locks. His absolute love for his mama. And, of course, his mama. April (a surrogate auntie to my own kiddies) reminds me so much of me when I was a young mama to one certain boy born in July. We bond over our Smother Mothering tendencies, and even though I don't get to see her everyday, she and her sweet boy are always in my heart. Happy birthday, CoCo. We love you so much, and tell your mama to enjoy the sneak!

lauren & co.

Meet Natalie. A gorgeous little one year old who unabashedly loves the camera. And, clearly, the camera loves her. Natalie just turned one, and proud parents Lauren and Steven met me for some sweet pics to commemorate the milestone. Our session was supposed to be on Saturday, but those plans were washed away with the rains that fell all over the metroplex. Lauren, a self-professed Type A personality, called me that morning to discuss alternatives. We literally brainstormed for 20 minutes, and when we finally settled on a plan, she said, "Good. That way Natalie can have her nap and we can be home in time for Steven to watch the Cowboys." Along with Type A, you can throw in Pleaser to describe her (and sweet; loved when she blew a bubble for N to pop during snuggle shots). Sassy Hambone will be just fine for Natalie. She braved the winds and posed on the train tracks for me in her monogrammed bloomers. She donned a tutu and posed on a hand painted chair from her auntie. She was such a little trooper and so much fun. Guys, thanks for being flexible with the weather, for braving the winds and for bringing you baby girl out to see me. It was so much fun, and enjoy your sneak!

kristen & co.

It had been an entire year since I had seen Kristen, Robbie and their little girl, Kaelyn. When I first met them, Kaeylyn was only a few weeks old. This past Sunday, she was a full fledged one year old! Walking like a pro and smiling like a little ham, Kaelyn was pure preciousness! Even though she would have rather taken pictures sans a headband or bow, she obliged. And, oh my heavens, did the camera eat her up! It was absolutely amazing to see how much she had grown and changed over the year. And speaking of growing and changing, Kaelyn's little family of three is doing some of that, as well! You see, dear reader, mid Aprilish, Kaelyn will welcome a baby brother or sister in to the world! At one point during the session, Kristen said, "This will probably be the last time we have a session as just the three of us." Which made the session that much more special! Kaelyn was absolutely adorable the entire hour. Her happiest moment was most likely on the little red velvet couch I brought along. All dolled up in a pettiskirt and embellished onsie (that her crafty grandmother had made!), Kaelyn took a seat on the couch, looked up at us with the biggest grin, and then threw her arms and head back in absolute bliss. It was too much. And she was too cute. My favorite moment was when Robbie picked a flower and handed it to his little girl. So sweet. Kristin and Robbie, I am so thrilled for you. You are already such fantastic parents to Miss K, and I can't wait to see what a fantastic family of four you'll be in April! Sincerest congrats, heartfelt thanks, and enjoy your sneaky!

jori & co.

Her huge brown eyes, flanked by the most amazing lashes, were the first thing I noticed when she got out of the car to greet me. And then her lovely smile. She bounded out of the car with such enthusiasm, and she was followed by such a dashing young man. With those same brown eyes and lashes. Ella and Zach were the perfect way to begin a day of five session! Little Sister Olivia peeked out from the back, and once again I was taken by her eyes. Bright, twinkling, with a little dash of mischief. These three siblings were absolutely so much fun. Ella had so many "ideas" for posing, and when I asked her if she had a boyfriend she said "no." When I asked her if she liked anyone, she smiled shyly and said, "I love Zachy." And little bro is equally in love with sis ... such sweethearts! Little Miss Olivia, who is one and the baby, was Miss Sass that morning! She loved roaming the porches and train tracks and was in heaven making us all chase her around! As this gorgeous family and I got to talking, we realized that they live about a mile from me and that Ella attends the same school as my son! Zach and Ella's face were in shock when they heard that .... I think they were thinking "play date!" When it came time for our session to end, Ella said she didn't want it to, which always melts my heart. But our farewell was short lived, for the very next night at Art Night, I ran in to Ella, Zach and the lovely Jori (and I'm pleased to report she's as sweet as she is lovely!). Jori, thanks so much for braving the winds and bringing everyone out to see me. Loved the kids, I'll see you around the neighborhood, and enjoy your sneak!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

cassidi & co.

When Cassidi booked her family session, she told me she had 4 kids. And that she takes their pictures. All the time. "They'll be easy," she told me. And she was right. Beyond easy. And so impossibly cute! Channing (8), Cayden (7), Jayc (3) and Miss Madison (literally days away from 3) were so much fun, but you can call them Peanut, Broccoli, Curlz, and Cashew (respectively). Each one had picked out their own special outfits and were so eager to pose in them. Peanut actually used to model for Kim Dawson, so this was literally second nature to her. And Miss Madison, who is about to celebrate her third birthday a la Princess style, modeled her adorable little ensemble like the best of them! The kids were so sweet, and Chris and Cassidi were so patient and equally as much fun. The whole fam was off to the lake after our session, and with humidity off the charts that morning, I was literally thinking of climbing on the boat and playing stow-away! Guys, thanks for a fun-filled session! Hope the lake was fun, and enjoy your sneak!

michele & co.

For the past few years, Michele and her picture perfect family have been getting their portraits done back home in Pennsylvania. But this year, with the boys getting older, she wanted to stay in Texas. Especially because a very special family member hasn't been able to make the Pennsylvania pics: their sweet lab, Harlee. So this past Sunday morning, Michele, Steve, Andrew, Will and Harlee dressed up in their finest fall urban wear and met me a little closer to home. When she booked the session, Michele told me that her boys were 5 and 3. So when an 8 and a 5 year old bustled out of the car, I was a little confused. Until she told me that her boys are just really tall. I'd like to throw in really sweet, really well behaved and really, really cute. They posed as a family, they posed with their mama and daddy, and they posed with each other. Their favorite part of the session? Hands down, posing with Harlee. And then racing against Harlee and tackling me. And getting to semi-snuggle with these little gentlemen? Well, dear reader, that was obviously my favorite part of the session! Michele and Steve, thanks for braving the humidity in your killer fall wardrobe! Thanks for the opportunity to work with all five of you, and enjoy your sneaky to the peeky!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

kelly & co.

Sweet little Henry. This blue-eyed boy with hair the color of butter came by for his one year pictures yesterday. I am not kidding you when I tell you he nailed the session and was in and out in less than an hour. A half hour, actually, but who's counting? He had the sweetest smile, from ear to ear, on his adorable face the entire time. Which is no surprise, really, when you consider he is baby bro to Miss Madeline. Another serial smiler who has danced for my camera a few times in the past. But today it was just Henry. I shot Kelly's entire family a year ago, and I got to meet her folks, her sibs. They seemed like a really fun, close family. So even though yesterday's session was just Henry, there were whispers of others throughout the session: in the adorable John-John romper he wore, from his Nana. In the wooden rocking horse he played on, painted for him by his auntie (who also painted on for M when she was born). And in the vintage cars he got to play with (that is usually not allowed, mind you) from his grandfather. And in the shots we took of him holding his Daddy's football. It was definitely a family affair for this angel boy, and I had so much fun with him. He was so snuggly. So stinkin' sweet. Kelly, your laid back style is so refreshing, makes for some great pics in the session, and I always have so much fun with you guys! Thanks for bringing him over to play with me! Happy birthday to Henry, and enjoy your sneaky!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

les petit séance, 2010

We've received so many inquiries about our infamous mini-sessions, and we're thrilled to FINALLY announce 2010's Les Petit Séance. This year we'll be shooting in two different venues to allow our haute clients the opportunity to match their sessions to their style! Saturday's sessions will be in Deep Ellum. Sunday will be shot in Highland Park.
Sessions will be $100 (plus tax) for 20 minutes (for immediate family members only). Prints can be purchased online, or a cd of high res images (for holiday card printing, gifts, etc.) can be purchased for an additional $50 (plus tax).
Spots are limited (and will likely go fast!), so contact us immediately to book this popular session.
2010 is officially booked, folks, so this will be your last opportunity to smile with all of us at haute shot photography before we enter 2011.
And I'm not really sure why I keep saying "us". It's just me: Jenn. And I can't wait to see you in November!
(special thanks to my petit brother for making the fab flyer to promote the weekend!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

charlie & co.

When Charlie contacted me to schedule Finley's 6 month photo session, I had a good feeling. A really good feeling. Finley, you see, turns six months on September 15th. Which, dear reader, happens to be when I'll turn thir ... when I'll celebrate my own birthday. The last spot I had left in September happened to be September 12th ... which also happens to be my CFO's birthday. Are you feeling the good vibes yet? When I asked Ms. Charlie how she heard about me, she was the first to respond by saying she saw a photo, taken by yours truly, of an adorable little girl on Facebook. The photo had my company's name on the pic, so she googled haute shot photography ... and the rest is history. As was today's session. Before she got out of the car, I could see Finley through the window. And I was in L. O. V. E. Creamy white skin, amazing blue eyes, delicious little rolls. And when we locked eyes, she flashed me the gummiest little grin, and we were besties. Whether she was staring contemplatively out the window, or rocking the camera with her gorgeous smile, Finley was a natural. She was a huge fan of the faux fur rug she posed on, and I am a huge fan of hers. Charlie brought along some adorable outfits for the session, and Finley was kind enough to let us photograph her in all of them. Finley was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend of some phenomenal sessions, and I honestly could have played with her all afternoon. Charlie and Nick (props to Nick, by the way, for joining his girls for the session when he could have been home prepping for an afternoon of football), thanks so much for bringing her out to see me. She was so much fun! Enjoy your sneaky!

amy & co.

Her gorgeous grandmother is known as Sassy. Which is ironic, as that is exactly what I wanted to call little Miss Kinley. At 8 months, this little cutie is sassiness. Personified. Never mind her fabulous little rolls had me ooohing and cooing like a crazy woman, or the fact that Sassy and Amy had me laughing out loud with their behind the scenes commentary. Sassy, I mean Kinley, clearly has quite a few people wrapped around her little finger; yours truly, included. I really wish I could post about a dozen more shots from the session. One would be of Kinley crying, hysterically, in what looked like the most pitiful tantrum. Imaginable. And then half a second later, literally half a second later, she turned off the water works and was smiling away. And then the next shot would be of her crying ... only to be smiling in the next. Diva. Love it. Or she was literally staring me down, refusing not to smile (even though she'd give us a hint of an upcoming grin), and not falling for one of my silly antics. She. Was. A. Rock. Fortunately for me, I eventually got the best of her, and then she'd flash me that adorable grin, and I was a goner. Kinley had been up extra late the night before, cheering for her daddy's football team at her first ever high school game. She apparently loved it, and now Coach G will have two lovely ladies cheering for him in the stands. Amy is a dear friend to my baby sis, and such a sweetie. Between shots, she was counseling me on the subject of business taxes, whether or not to be a corporation or a blah, blah, blah, blah ... that's pretty much what I hear whenever the topic of my business turns to numbers. But she really seemed to know what she was talking about, and my CFO (the Hubs) is really looking forward to giving her a call. Her company is Datatax, the number is 972.727.8501, and when you call, ask for the mama of the darling little diva. Amy and Sass, thanks for bringing Sass Jr. out to play. It was great seeing you guys, and she was TOO much fun!