Wednesday, September 8, 2010

gina & co.

Truth be told, dear reader, this session had disaster written all over it. From. The. Get. Go. The torrential downpour that drowned all of North Texas this morning caused Gina and Trenton to arrive to the session 1/2 hour late. With twins. And as Gina ran in to the house with sweet little Claire, under an umbrella, Trenton braved the elements, sans umbrella, with Troy. Which ended up soaking both of them. So we tossed Trenton's shirt in to the dryer and decided to start with the twins' pictures. All was going well. So very well. Until my smiling Troy took a tumble. But a few snuggles from mama (and a few licks of icing from a smash cake), and he was good to go. Born a year ago on 9/18 at 36 weeks, Troy was almost 9 pounds, and little Claire was a little under 6. He was first, she was second, but she seemed to be the one in charge today. Verbal beyond belief, she actually mimicked one of the crazy noises I tend to make when trying to get little ones to smile. It took me completely off guard, and I still smile when I think about it. These two were so sweet, so cute, and such absolute troopers. Gina, I know you were afraid we didn't get any good shots, but I'm pretty sure the kiddies rocked the camera. Hope the ride home was a quiet one. Thanks so much for sharing your babies with me, and enjoy the sneak!

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