Sunday, September 12, 2010

hayley & co.

From the moment his beautiful mama texted me that she was preggers, I have been dying to meet the little baby she was carrying. When I took her maternity pics a few months ago, I got a glimpse into the world that Sawyer would soon enter. She was literally glowing, couldn't stop smiling and already so maternal. This past Saturday, Sawyer's happy family stopped by for his much anticipated newbie session, and I was beyond honored to be a part of his world. Only 8 days into their already close relationship, she knew Sawyer. And Sawyer knew Hayley. When she would speak, across the room, he would open his eyes and turn his head to look for her. When he began to fuss (which was practically never), she would lean down and softly sing a lullaby in his tiny ear. And literally, in an instant, he was calm. It was just about the sweetest thing you've ever seen, dear reader, and I (of course, shock, shock, shocker, shock) teared up a bit. And when Hayley was busy feeding or tending to her boy, Adam would literally hold a glass of water for Hayley so that she could sip from it. If he wasn't so darn nice, it would have made me sick. In all seriousness, though, Adam was a hands-on-dad/husband/photographer's assistant, and he and Hayley could not have been more relaxed during the session. Cousin Jett, only 4 weeks older than Sawyer, stopped by for a quick Business Meeting of the Cousins shot (they actually wore ties), and then both boys got to pose with GeeGee (who made it a point to be at both boy's newbie sessions). And if I'm being honest (so sorry if this embarrasses the lovely woman), Stacy's mom has got nothing on Hayley and Nicole's mom: Sawyer and Jett's GeeGee has got it going on. Aside from being so patient and so very sweet to both her daughters, her sons-in-law and her grandsons, she is one haute grandmother! At one point, the studio was literally filled with Hayley, Adam, Sawyer, Jett, Nicole, Jeff and The Geeg, and I was so happy for my beautiful friend, her beautiful family and the beautiful little boy she brought into this world. Hayley, you know I love ya. And your sis. And your mama. You may now add Little Boy Blue to the many reasons why I adore you. Congratulations. He is beyond perfect, and I honestly could not be more happier for you or Adam.

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