Sunday, September 12, 2010

amy & co.

Her gorgeous grandmother is known as Sassy. Which is ironic, as that is exactly what I wanted to call little Miss Kinley. At 8 months, this little cutie is sassiness. Personified. Never mind her fabulous little rolls had me ooohing and cooing like a crazy woman, or the fact that Sassy and Amy had me laughing out loud with their behind the scenes commentary. Sassy, I mean Kinley, clearly has quite a few people wrapped around her little finger; yours truly, included. I really wish I could post about a dozen more shots from the session. One would be of Kinley crying, hysterically, in what looked like the most pitiful tantrum. Imaginable. And then half a second later, literally half a second later, she turned off the water works and was smiling away. And then the next shot would be of her crying ... only to be smiling in the next. Diva. Love it. Or she was literally staring me down, refusing not to smile (even though she'd give us a hint of an upcoming grin), and not falling for one of my silly antics. She. Was. A. Rock. Fortunately for me, I eventually got the best of her, and then she'd flash me that adorable grin, and I was a goner. Kinley had been up extra late the night before, cheering for her daddy's football team at her first ever high school game. She apparently loved it, and now Coach G will have two lovely ladies cheering for him in the stands. Amy is a dear friend to my baby sis, and such a sweetie. Between shots, she was counseling me on the subject of business taxes, whether or not to be a corporation or a blah, blah, blah, blah ... that's pretty much what I hear whenever the topic of my business turns to numbers. But she really seemed to know what she was talking about, and my CFO (the Hubs) is really looking forward to giving her a call. Her company is Datatax, the number is 972.727.8501, and when you call, ask for the mama of the darling little diva. Amy and Sass, thanks for bringing Sass Jr. out to play. It was great seeing you guys, and she was TOO much fun!

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