Thursday, September 30, 2010

jori & co.

Her huge brown eyes, flanked by the most amazing lashes, were the first thing I noticed when she got out of the car to greet me. And then her lovely smile. She bounded out of the car with such enthusiasm, and she was followed by such a dashing young man. With those same brown eyes and lashes. Ella and Zach were the perfect way to begin a day of five session! Little Sister Olivia peeked out from the back, and once again I was taken by her eyes. Bright, twinkling, with a little dash of mischief. These three siblings were absolutely so much fun. Ella had so many "ideas" for posing, and when I asked her if she had a boyfriend she said "no." When I asked her if she liked anyone, she smiled shyly and said, "I love Zachy." And little bro is equally in love with sis ... such sweethearts! Little Miss Olivia, who is one and the baby, was Miss Sass that morning! She loved roaming the porches and train tracks and was in heaven making us all chase her around! As this gorgeous family and I got to talking, we realized that they live about a mile from me and that Ella attends the same school as my son! Zach and Ella's face were in shock when they heard that .... I think they were thinking "play date!" When it came time for our session to end, Ella said she didn't want it to, which always melts my heart. But our farewell was short lived, for the very next night at Art Night, I ran in to Ella, Zach and the lovely Jori (and I'm pleased to report she's as sweet as she is lovely!). Jori, thanks so much for braving the winds and bringing everyone out to see me. Loved the kids, I'll see you around the neighborhood, and enjoy your sneak!

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