Sunday, September 12, 2010

charlie & co.

When Charlie contacted me to schedule Finley's 6 month photo session, I had a good feeling. A really good feeling. Finley, you see, turns six months on September 15th. Which, dear reader, happens to be when I'll turn thir ... when I'll celebrate my own birthday. The last spot I had left in September happened to be September 12th ... which also happens to be my CFO's birthday. Are you feeling the good vibes yet? When I asked Ms. Charlie how she heard about me, she was the first to respond by saying she saw a photo, taken by yours truly, of an adorable little girl on Facebook. The photo had my company's name on the pic, so she googled haute shot photography ... and the rest is history. As was today's session. Before she got out of the car, I could see Finley through the window. And I was in L. O. V. E. Creamy white skin, amazing blue eyes, delicious little rolls. And when we locked eyes, she flashed me the gummiest little grin, and we were besties. Whether she was staring contemplatively out the window, or rocking the camera with her gorgeous smile, Finley was a natural. She was a huge fan of the faux fur rug she posed on, and I am a huge fan of hers. Charlie brought along some adorable outfits for the session, and Finley was kind enough to let us photograph her in all of them. Finley was the perfect way to end a perfect weekend of some phenomenal sessions, and I honestly could have played with her all afternoon. Charlie and Nick (props to Nick, by the way, for joining his girls for the session when he could have been home prepping for an afternoon of football), thanks so much for bringing her out to see me. She was so much fun! Enjoy your sneaky!

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