Monday, September 6, 2010

jessica & co.

The lovely Jessica came all the way from Oklahoma to take pictures with me this past weekend. Along for the ride: her charming hubs, Alan, and precious daughter, Sidney. Oh, and Sid's older brother, Miles. In spite of her super late bedtime the night prior, and her not getting much of a nap (as in not at all) the day of, little Sidney got an E for Effort. And an A for adorable. Big Brother Miles was exceptionally well behaved. When let off his leash, he did not run away, but remained right by baby sis' side. Miles, mind you, is a 3 year old Westie. And between him and Sidney, it was hard for me to decide which one I could "accidentally take home with me". I kid. I kid. But the two were so cute; especially at the end when Miles snuggled up to Sidney and gave her a few kissies. Jessica is as beautiful as she is witty, and she had me laughing out loud between takes. Guys, it was an absolute honor and so much fun. Thanks for being such troopers, and I hope the trip home was a peaceful one! Thanks again, and enjoy your sneak!

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