Thursday, September 30, 2010

kristen & co.

It had been an entire year since I had seen Kristen, Robbie and their little girl, Kaelyn. When I first met them, Kaeylyn was only a few weeks old. This past Sunday, she was a full fledged one year old! Walking like a pro and smiling like a little ham, Kaelyn was pure preciousness! Even though she would have rather taken pictures sans a headband or bow, she obliged. And, oh my heavens, did the camera eat her up! It was absolutely amazing to see how much she had grown and changed over the year. And speaking of growing and changing, Kaelyn's little family of three is doing some of that, as well! You see, dear reader, mid Aprilish, Kaelyn will welcome a baby brother or sister in to the world! At one point during the session, Kristen said, "This will probably be the last time we have a session as just the three of us." Which made the session that much more special! Kaelyn was absolutely adorable the entire hour. Her happiest moment was most likely on the little red velvet couch I brought along. All dolled up in a pettiskirt and embellished onsie (that her crafty grandmother had made!), Kaelyn took a seat on the couch, looked up at us with the biggest grin, and then threw her arms and head back in absolute bliss. It was too much. And she was too cute. My favorite moment was when Robbie picked a flower and handed it to his little girl. So sweet. Kristin and Robbie, I am so thrilled for you. You are already such fantastic parents to Miss K, and I can't wait to see what a fantastic family of four you'll be in April! Sincerest congrats, heartfelt thanks, and enjoy your sneaky!

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