Sunday, September 19, 2010

cassidi & co.

When Cassidi booked her family session, she told me she had 4 kids. And that she takes their pictures. All the time. "They'll be easy," she told me. And she was right. Beyond easy. And so impossibly cute! Channing (8), Cayden (7), Jayc (3) and Miss Madison (literally days away from 3) were so much fun, but you can call them Peanut, Broccoli, Curlz, and Cashew (respectively). Each one had picked out their own special outfits and were so eager to pose in them. Peanut actually used to model for Kim Dawson, so this was literally second nature to her. And Miss Madison, who is about to celebrate her third birthday a la Princess style, modeled her adorable little ensemble like the best of them! The kids were so sweet, and Chris and Cassidi were so patient and equally as much fun. The whole fam was off to the lake after our session, and with humidity off the charts that morning, I was literally thinking of climbing on the boat and playing stow-away! Guys, thanks for a fun-filled session! Hope the lake was fun, and enjoy your sneak!

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