Monday, September 6, 2010

lori & co.

Meet James. When I first met him on Saturday, he had brown hair. And then his gorgeous mama took him out of the car, and I was pretty sure he was sporting some lovely locks the shade of auburn. And then in direct sunlight, I was certain he was blonde ... And before I convinced myself that I was absolutely losing my mind, Lori assured me that I was not seeing things. That her beautiful little boy's hair does, indeed, change drastically in the light. Aside from his chameleonesque hair, James had the most beautiful baby blues and delicious creamy skin. J's dad, Tommy, brought to the session a mini retro style hat that looked absolutely adorable on his son! Lori is an interior designer, and Tommy is an IT guy ... so James will should be one well rounded little man when he grows up. Lori and Tommy, it was so much fun! I loved your easy-breezy laid back style, and I loved little James! Thanks so much, and enjoy your sneaky!

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